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I’m converted — now I’m a birther too.

That’s right. Unless we start seeing some birth certificates, are we just supposed to believe on faith that Jesus was born in Bethlehem? What, just because a birth announcement was put in the Bible, like, what, two thousand years ago or something? Pfft. We want evidence!

But where is Jesus’ birth certificate? Surely the Son of God should be able to produce a birth certificate, right? If all of humanities salvation depends on whether or not this guy lived, died, and then was born again, I think we need to see some evidence. Besides, if he really was born again, there should be two birth certificates, right?

Yeah! What bothers me is that more good Christians who are rightly upset about the lack of evidence for Obama’s nationality aren’t also questioning Christ’s birth credentials — what are we supposed to just take his word for it, now that he’s in the most powerful office of the Cosmos (being King of Kings and all)? Someone get Orly Taitz on the phone for me, now.

Update: I did however find his Drivers License. Those can be faked rather easily though. And the kerning’s all wrong.


  1. says

    Glad to see your coming around! Obama has spent $950,000.00 trying to keep his birth certificate under wrap and I sure would like to know why. I think he probably was born in Hawaii, but I do wonder why is he not being transparent!!

    He promised a transparent White House; however, he has not lived up to his promise for certain!!

    Did you see the fake birth certificate that was produced by his campaign??? This raised more questions than it answered for certain. Why did Obama put up a fake birth certificate in the campaign? I just want to know

    Why are people who are refusing to go to Afganistan on the grounds that Obama was not born in the U.S. being accomodated rather than court martialed?

    Reminds me of Bush when Bush had something to hide…Bush was really a pro-life liberal and now we have a pro-abortion liberal. These guys are really all the same…

    Here is the video showing the fake birth certificate — Enjoy!!

  2. says

    Glad to see your coming around!

    Glad to see you’re still wholly incapable of thinking.

    Obama has spent $950,000.00 trying to keep his birth certificate under wrap and I sure would like to know why.

    I’ve heard $600,000, $200,000, and $750,000. Where are you getting these numbers from? Do you have any evidence that he’s spent any money at all? No, of course you don’t.

    The difference between your long form birth certificate and your short form birth certificate is that your long form birth certificate is only viewable by certain, legally entitled entities. The press is not one of them. The short-form birth certificate was not faked. The state of Hawaii has provided a copy of it to several press agencies, though the originals are in their archives.

    Show me a long form birth certificate from any prior president. Show me a long form birth certificate for George W. Bush. Why is he hiding it? What does he have to hide? Show me YOUR long form birth certificate. Are you really an alien born on the planet Melmac?

    Why is it you are so willing to disbelieve Obama is hiding anything? Is it because you’re from the deep south, and a Republican, and thoroughly indoctrinated into ways of magical thinking, like those polls I posted suggest?

  3. says

    As I stated, I think he was probably born in the U.S., but I don’t really know and the fact he won’t release his birth certificate tells me that he has something to hide? What is it?

    I am just asking questions which is what a person who thinks critically does. As you can see, I was not a big supporter of Bush either so it is not a Republican/Democrat this with me.

    I am just curious why any money has been spent in resisting the release. It does raise healthy concerns that should be answered!

  4. says

    Again. Can you prove that any money has been spent whatsoever on blocking his certificate of live birth (which has been released)?

    The only thing I can find that your side has bothered to produce, is evidence that Obama’s general counsel was paid a sum of money for their duties in the election race. That near-million is, as far as anyone knows, entirely for making sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed so that nobody could claim Obama screwed up some bit of legal red tape. There is zero proof that that money was NOT used for exactly what it was supposed to be used for.

    You are such a fucking joke it’s disturbing. Could you please stop first-posting on every one of my blog posts with such nonsense?

  5. Jodi says

    As I stated, I think you’re fucking crazy, but I don’t really know and the fact that you wont answer any of our questions with evidence tells me that you have something to hide? What is it?

    I am just asking questions which is what a person who thinks critically does.

    It’s not healthy to be concerned about something that doesn’t exist. That’s called paranoia. You don’t seem to understand how this game is played. We make a statement and then point to something that helps back up that statement. If you don’t agree, you make a statement to counter our statement then provide your own evidence. Otherwise we don’t believe anything you say.

  6. says

    Otherwise we don’t believe anything you say.

    Almost too late for that. ZDENNY has gone so far with his utter bullshit, outright lying, and total asshattery, that it’s like the boy who cried wolf, and now we are likely to not believe him about anything.

  7. says

    Remember, Jesus’ birth was announced by angels. And by a strange moving light in the sky. And it was authenticated by three roving conjurers from the east. What more proof do you need? I don’t see Barack Obama pointing to portents in the sky, or the testimony of wandering astrologers.


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