The day journalism died

Walter Cronkite has passed away yesterday at 92 from his long-standing cerebrovascular disease, a complication of dementia. Though I did not grow up through the Watergate scandal, the three political assassinations that he covered, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Viet Nam war, or the Apollo 11 moon landing, when looking at the old archival news footage of these events, it was Cronkite who eased and guided the US and the world through them. The passing of the standard-bearer for journalism leaves this world poorer. It is a true shame that there is nobody in the news media today that can hold a candle to his legacy.

The very face of news journalism.

The very face of news journalism.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cronkite. Be assured that when pretenders assume your mantle and are unworthy, we will test them and if they are found wanting, we will oust them.

Some touching tribute comments can be found here at the New York Times.

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