1. Sili says

    The hell?!

    Yes (140%, 7 Votes)
    No (-40%, 0 Votes)

    Congrats! Even the axioms of mathematics bow to your happiness.

  2. says

    Uh… somehow it had two votes that it didn’t also count as votERS… and that screwed up the math. So, I fixed that. Hopefully it’ll stay fixed.

  3. bPer says

    Best of luck, you two!

    My wife and I were married in a civil ceremony here in Ottawa 25 years ago, and we’re still together and still in love. The wedding was a bit traumatic for our religious families, but they stuck with us anyway and grew to accept us as we are.

  4. says

    In retrospect, the bad math might have something to do with my editing the poll to take out the disclaimer, so I could put it into the post itself — it was messing up my sidebar. Oops.

    I’m expecting trauma too. I don’t think my dad fully realizes I’m an atheist.

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