Asus used to be supporters of Linux, now not so much

I had allowed myself to be convinced that the campaign to push Windows on consumers looking to buy an Asus Eee PC was a hoax, but it turns out it’s real. For a time, by offering low-cost netbook Eee PCs with embedded Linux and consumers realizing that it works just as well, Linux was actually getting some adoption by the consumer-end of the spectrum.

Then Microsoft realized their “biggest competitor” was gaining a foothold in the netbook market and quickly moved to crush it by allying themselves with Asus. Boy, it sure is sad that Microsoft is so afraid of a little legitimate competition that they have to fight Linux just like they would a company with a large installation base and a large amount of money to invest.

Ah well, at least there’s still Google Android. And the Nokia internet tablet series. And the PS3, if you ask for it with Linux pre-installed. And, well, everything on this list.


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