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Apr 21 2009

Why do they try?

I’d been getting half a dozen new user registrations a day, from spammers hoping to automatically get a free-for-all blog page (some WordPress configurations allow for that), so I’ve hacked into the registration page two extra questions so their regular scripts won’t work without custom modification for my specific setup. Not like they’re going to, …

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Apr 21 2009

NO, I will not let him go (LET ME GO!)

Nothing really matters… tooooo meeeeeeeee! The timing’s a wee bit off, but that’s a damn fine use for all that old hardware.

Apr 20 2009

The Party of Sexual Repression goes teabagging

I was going to let all this “teabagging” business slide, as it’s all, you know, too easy a target. Then I stumbled across the sign that changed my mind. For those of you just joining this Republican epic fail in progress, the story thus far: In the late 1700s, Britain was exporting tons of cheap …

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Apr 16 2009

Maybe it’s Manos, the Hand of Fate?

Humans have an uncanny ability to see shapes in random noise. We’ve evolved this ability over the millennia so as to avoid certain death when that random blob of different color in the nearby foliage turns out to be a predator intent on turning you into a snack. Those of us that were less able …

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Apr 15 2009

Unzip a nanotube? Sounds naughty!

I told you so, when I said carbon research was the next big thing. Can’t wait to see what this does to Moore’s Law, and maybe get a hold of some awesome probably-pocket-sized personal computer using this technology to power its infinitesimally small microchips. Posts drafted re: Somalian pirates, the LHC / Fermilabs, the beauty …

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Apr 15 2009

Tim Minchin is great.

If you don’t enjoy this, there is something wrong with you. And you should feel bad about it. Additionally, if you decide to go listen to more songs by him, you will realize that he is too talented for his own good and must therefore die.

Apr 12 2009

This was a triumph!

I’m making a note here: huge success! Strawberries because I dislike cherries. We followed the rest of this recipe to the letter, though. Happy birthday, me!

Apr 11 2009

I could already be a millionaire!

Arrived via Skype: [08:05:41] chris gordon: Hello THIBEAULT, I have been in search of someone with this name (THIBEAULT) and It is my pleasure to seek for your business assistance, and I want you to consider it very important. This is an opportunity I would want us to utilize well. I am Mr. GODWIN CHRIS, …

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Apr 07 2009

Building cables is fun!

For work, I’m going to be using this schematic to build two VGA-to-RGB-component cables using CAT5 cabling. The goal is to connect two large component-capable TVs to a Windows computer with a dual-head VGA card, to display propaganda corporate information. I’m actually pretty excited about this, as simple a schematic as it is, because it’ll …

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Apr 06 2009

‘Religious apologetics’ infects Vancouver Sun

My rage meter just pegged on reading an article on the Vancouver Sun’s online version, entitled ‘Scientism’ infects Darwinian debates.   I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps once I’m off work and have more time, I will fully debunk this, but it boils down to, “people who think that the act of studying nature …

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