Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 25 2009

I see Martian people… ALL THE TIME.

I don’t think I’ve ever fully elucidated my thoughts on the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, have I?  Well, I’ll put off my Python evolution project a little longer, and write about it now — no time like the present. Assume first, as I do, that the abiogenesis (or “primordial ooze”) theory is correct.  For …

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Jan 19 2009

I shoulda said POSSIBLE life on Mars

But not necessarily “probable”, or “strongly implied”, as my previous headline “HOLY SHIT, LIFE ON MARS?!” indicated, regardless of the fact that my blog entry itself stated it was only a possibility.  I write this because, in having titled my post as I did, I’m now tangentally related to asshats who declare “life on Mars” …

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Jan 16 2009


The Langdales are having an alien baby, and there are clear signs it will be evil. …Still don’t see it?  Fine, I’ll enhance the image a little.

Jan 15 2009


no srsly guyz I don’t care that it’s going to be difficult to dig deep enough to verify if this is the case, given Mars’ harsh climate.  We NEED to verify or falsify this.  We can’t go around for the next twenty years saying “well, there’s MAYBE life on Mars”, we need to know for …

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Jan 15 2009

Science: It Works, Bitches

I just watched a video on Evolving Thoughts that perfectly captures what I have struggled to explain to some of my longer-term readers (specifically, those with whom I have regularly sparred even prior to my blogging days).  That is, what science is, why it is different from faith, why it is not dogmatic or aimed …

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Jan 11 2009

Python Evolution – part 1


Sometime mid-December I read a blog with a brilliant little piece of genetic programming, wherein a set of pseudo-DNA is used to generate an image out of a set of, at maximum, fifty semitransparent, overlapping polygons, in an effort to “evolve” this pseudo-DNA toward looking as much as possible like the Mona Lisa.  The idea …

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Jan 07 2009

lern 2 rss noob

Abby informed me recently that, horror of horrors, she’s a neophyte when it comes to the ways of the Blogosphere, and thus doesn’t know how to use RSS feeds.  So, herein, I shall endeavour to show her, and you, and maybe some random Google searchers, how to make use of the RSS readers that you …

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Jan 07 2009

Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

Not a day after Jodi shows me videos of mini horses and monkeys being trained as service animals, Bush’s administration (the DOJ specifically) goes and redefines service animal as “dog” for no other reason than out of sheer ignorance of the state of affairs of the real world.  I’m sick to death of the Bush …

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Jan 06 2009

You are here

Phil Plait at BadAstronomy has linked to the Hubble astronomers’ latest released image, being specifically an incredible map of our galaxy.  You will need highspeed to appreciate this. Yeah, yeah, I’m not posting enough.  I know.  I’m still going crazy.  Gimme time, I’ll get back up on the horse soon enough.