Fuck yeah!

Daily Show is always full of goodness, but John Oliver just absolutely BRINGS IT regarding the “industrial strength douchebags” putting together terror attacks in Mumbai. Skip to roughly 3:25 if you don’t care to hear about the Wal-Mart Consumerist Massacre of 2008.

“There have always been motherfuckers. There will always BE motherfuckers. But what we can’t do is let them control our motherfucking lives!” So bringeth John Oliver.

Oh, and Comedy Network? Get with the times and set it up so you can embed clips. Ultimately you drive traffic back to your site for minimal bandwidth costs. I’d have embedded from Comedy Central instead, considering they DO allow embedding, but they don’t allow Canucks on their servers, the ratfink bastards. You Comedy Network dudes are only getting a reprieve because I can at least connect to your servers.