Papa Don’t Preach

This is just too funny.  For those of you who think Guitar Hero is too heathenistic, there’s Guitar Praise, wherein you get to rock out… FOR THE LORD.

How long do you guys think it’ll be before they get sued by either Electronic Arts, or Gibson (bear in mind there’s still a lawsuit going on where Gibson patented the idea of a guitar video game in 1999, despite never having even tried to make a prototype)?  And if they don’t get sued, is it because the companies are afraid of looking like they’re bashing religion?


  1. says

    lol Super 3D Noah’s Ark yay! :P Someone should hack it and see if they can reverse the process: “See how many animals you can shoot off the ark before the water rises!”

  2. Clifton says

    This is altogether new to me? Is there a Passion of the Christ game? And if so, can I be a Roman or a Jew (aside from Jesus)?

  3. says

    lol wow
    I was going to say I can’t believe someone actually made that video but it actually doesn’t shock me so much. The guy in red cheering/dancing made me laugh though. Oh and the rock exploding animation…..

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