Going dark!

Losing the Internet sometime today, and we won’t have it hooked up until mid-afternoon on moving day, not that I’ll have any time to blog about the experience right away anyway. The site will be understandably quiet until I’m settled. (And probably quiet in the comments too, being that the loudest commentator ends up invariably in my spam filter because he insists on putting in a fake e-mail address where none would suffice.)

Wish me luck, folks.


  1. Clifton says

    sorry i couldn’t make it tonight. melissa’s grandmother came down sick with something so she’s over spending the night with her.

  2. says

    No worries man. There really weren’t enough controllers for everyone anyway, though Bob might have appreciated the company, having someone else there to go crazy with, trying to figure out the four-player split screen on Mario Kart.

  3. Me says

    Hey who was the only person there not loaded? that’s right, ME!

    And screw you Clifton, you worthless bastard.

  4. Clifton says

    Up yours, Bob! I was his sober friend the previous day. Does this mean we’re the only two of his friends that can stand to be around him without mind-altering substances?

  5. Me says

    Not in my case. I was scheduled for drug testing shortly after his party and couldn’t take the risk. Ahhhh the perils of having a class one license. In your case, you’re just a pussy along with being a worthless bastard.

  6. Clifton says

    Oh, it wasn’t going to be me hugging him. I was thinking more of one of those “hitch hikers” that hang out on Windmill Rd.

  7. Me says

    Go ahead, try and hug me, I dare you. C’mon it’ll be fun, for me that is. But be warned I’ve been drinking tonight. Actually I’m more mellow when I drink so I would just yell at you if you tried to hug me. I don’t like to have my personal space invaded. I’d insult you here but you were nice to me in another post so I can’t.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend and the liquor store has a sale on gin. I normally never touch the stuff but it’s 40% alcohol and 10 bucks off so what the hell. It doesn’t completely suck with 7up either, but I would recommend NOT having a gin and tonic, that was disgusting.

  8. says

    I once met a guy at a train station in Portugal who told us he’d had a bottle of gin for breakfast. We convinced him that we were Austrian, and that no he couldn’t come home with us because my friend and I were gay, and her mother was our daughter. As we boarded the train he stood up, stretched out his arms and yelled across the station “MY AUSTRIAN FRIENDS!!!!! COME BACK!!”
    good times

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