Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 29 2008

Open source really and truly rocks.

If you didn’t believe me before, check this out.  This was done with Blender, which was a commercial app until 2002 when the company who created it went under.  They then offered anyone to buy the source code, and the open source community ponied up — to the tune of $147,000 US.  Six years later, …

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Aug 27 2008

The “screen resolution” of the universe

I don’t know a lot about quantum physics.  I can’t tell you anything about matter or energy at Planck-scale sizes, outside of what I understand on Wikipedia (which isn’t much).  I am, however, fascinated with the idea that the universe might actually have a basic resolution and matter-unit (or wave-unit, as the case may be) …

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Aug 25 2008

FIRST POST!!! (from my new house)

Okay, so I didn’t get around to blogging about all my experiences over this, my first week of home ownership, until just now. Chalk it up to my wanting to try to suck the marrow out of my vacation while I had one, given that the majority of it was spent either packing, cleaning the …

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Aug 15 2008

Going dark!

Losing the Internet sometime today, and we won’t have it hooked up until mid-afternoon on moving day, not that I’ll have any time to blog about the experience right away anyway. The site will be understandably quiet until I’m settled. (And probably quiet in the comments too, being that the loudest commentator ends up invariably …

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Aug 12 2008


Dude, I wasn’t even aware I could run, being Canadian and all. Oh well, anything to keep McCain out of office!

Aug 11 2008

Hacking the Wii

Over the weekend, while I wasn’t working on splicing together and editing a video for work (how I got roped into doing that, I’ll never know), I dug my Nintendo Wii out of the box I had so foolishly packed it in — why I thought it would stay in there for long, I don’t …

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Aug 06 2008

I’m beat.

Last night, I went to bed at 12:30. Admittedly late knowing that I was to take an hour and a half drive the next morning, meaning I’d have to leave at 8 am to get there in any decent amount of time. I fell asleep pretty well right away, which is unusual for lately, then …

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Aug 06 2008

Still haven’t gotten to the supposed two-fer from yesterday

Tomorrow I’m destined for a last-second panic-attack-induced road trip to another work site wherein I will have to perform duties I estimate as being about 30 hours of work in much, much less than that. No cracks about the Scotty rule either — I’m serious when I estimate that’s how much work it will normally …

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Aug 05 2008

Wherein Paris Hilton did something that is not completely like a vapid whore.

John McCain gets owned by, of all people, Paris Hilton. I just found a shred of respect for Skeletor, due to her being able to read a teleprompter, and accepting this gig. I did not think this would happen in a million years. See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on …

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Aug 04 2008

Status bars stuck at 57%!!!

I’m going to try for a two-fer tonight, but I’m going to split the posts up, not only because they’re disparate topics, but also because I’m not 100% certain I’ll finish the second right away.  If not, oh well, I only have three or four regular readers still.  I think I’m putting in a phenomenal …

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