That last post brings me to a related rant. »« It’s hot and my brain’s not functioning.

Cookies need breathing space!

They didn’t mention that in the recipe.

Oh well, they’re still tasty.

(Yes, this is partly just so I can get a post into the Food category which I had created when I opened the blog but haven’t, until now, once used.  There are a few desperately underwhelming categories I have to improve in due course.)


  1. Me says

    You should be making ice cream, not cookies. This summer cookies are a nice hot treat for winter. I am saddened by your obvious lack of seasonal cooking etiquette.

    Perhaps making ice cream is above your culinary talents which is why you went with cookies?

  2. Me says

    Oh, sorry I didn’t know that. My bad.

    In that case, let’s split the difference. Bake the cookies and buy the ice cream and eat them together. Cookies and ice cream can be a good cheap treat on a hot evening.

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