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Atheists Should Visit the Creation Museum

The now world famous Creation Museum is about 15 minutes from Kagin Manor. I feel as though I have been placed in a missionary field to help save thinking people, and especially children, from this amazing attempt to return to the Dark Ages.

You can learn about it here:


It is run by an outfit called Answers in Genesis. You can learn about it here:


At the oxymoronic Creation Museum, thousands of innocent people, including many children, are actually taught to believe that the Earth is only 6,000, or so, years old. Their slogan is “Prepare to Believe.” Note that it is not, “Prepare to Learn.” This is not a church. This is a money making theme park that is helping to make us an ignorant people.

Since the opening day of the Creation Museum, that I met with an organized protest, I have encouraged people to go see this dog and pony show. In the proper frame of looking at things, this operation is truly hysterically funny. They even have a model dinosaur, complete with saddle, for children to ride. Maybe Jesus road into Jerusalem on one.

Here is a wonderful web site documenting and discussing our protest on the opening day:


Everyone involved in freethought, or who has any interest whatsoever in saving our future through reason, not superstition, should visit the Creation Museum.

You need to see it, and encourage others to see it, because it is, in its panoramas of Bronze Age creation myths, far worse than you think. You really need to see what a true threat this operation creates to the continuing process of the human race.

An even greater danger underpins the mythical systems of religions. This is the belief that science, evidence, and proof are meaningless when confronted by faith. If the question is between science and religious teachings, science loses. Such is the argument of Answers in Genesis, made manifest in its Creation Museum. If the data do not support the belief, discard the data. Simple.

Creationism, aka Intelligent Design, is offered by its evangelists as an alternative to the Fact of Evolution. Creationism is not an alternative to evolution. The only alternative to Evolution is ignorance.

Please do not whine that you don’t want to give these people money. Of course you don’t. Neither do I. But this is a false analysis. Education is costly. If you want to know what they are doing, and expose their dangers to others, you need to spend a bit of money to do so. For the amount of useful information you can obtain by a visit to the Creation Museum, it is wonderfully inexpensive.

Visitors to the fancy fool’s vision of history have frequently frequented Kagin Manor. There are two guest rooms, the Bates Motel Room and the End of the Hall Room. Comfort cat available. If you are interested in a visit, and if your manners be sound, and you can survive the spoon count upon departure, feel free to request accommodations. References required. Fundies are everywhere.

Copyright 2012 by Edwin Kagin.