Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 25 2012

Attack of the Killer Evolutionist

Thank you Bryan Fisher, for so neatly combining a whole lot of fundy hate thought and offering it as a reason for the Aurora horror. With no intent to appear cynical or uncaring, there are other ways you might find less conclusive with which you can trash the laws of cause and effect you sometimes …

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Jul 23 2012

Another Act of Violence in Colorado.

I wrote the following after the horror at Columbine. High School. It seems to apply to what just happened. Just change the dates, places, and names. And that is very sad.   ON WHAT WE LEARNED AT SCHOOL ON APRIL 20, 1999 O what is Life and what is Man? O what is Death? Wherefore …

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Jul 22 2012

The Ten Commandments Would Have Prevented the Shootings in Colorado

A fundy type, one Jerry Newcombe, has claimed that the shootings in Colorado were proximately caused, according to an excellent article by Justin Vacula , by “…lawsuits filed in attempts to remove displays of religion in the public sphere…” http://www.examiner.com/article/truth-action-ministries-church-state-activism-to-blame-for-colorado-shooting According to this article, this opinion vender thinks all would be set to rights, and …

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Jul 20 2012

My Made in China Tool

tool photo

  Don’t know what it is called now. When I was a boy, it was called a pick axe or mattock. Wikipedia knows all about them and can tell you of them. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mattock My father, the minister, had such a tool for years. He used it to dig rocks out of the ground, chop …

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Jul 15 2012

I Know as Much about God as the Pope Knows about God, Part I.

Really, I do. I know every bit as much about god as the Pope knows about god. The Pope probably knows a vast amount more about church rules, customs, bank accounts, and beliefs than I do, but this does not give him the right to talk about god. Because he knows he knows no more …

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Jul 10 2012

The Best Way To Make Hard Boiled Eggs.

Start with room temperature eggs. If not at room temperature, put them into a pan of tap water that is neither cold nor hot, and heat them up a bit on “low” until they get to roughly room temperature. We are not yet cooking the eggs; we are bringing the eggs to proper cooking temperature. …

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Jul 08 2012

Why the World Will End In Fire

It is 98 degrees in the shade before noon. Maybe we have actually finally destroyed ourselves. Maybe the warming of our planet will continue faster than imagined and the ground will crack and the crops will not grow and the dried trees and grasses will ignite and spray all life with death and make a …

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Jul 02 2012

Pope Replaces Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore Cartoon

  By Kathryn Kagin. (c) 2012. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission

Jul 02 2012

Porn Junction Revisited

Cross Porn Junction (05)

Jul 02 2012

Christians At Play