Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 04 2012

I’m a Little Snowflake Child

Among the absurdities embraced by some of the Fundangelical persuasion, perhaps none is more delightful than their project to have people “adopt” frozen embryos, which they are please to call “snowflake children.” No kidding. This could bring about the highest ends of the Fundangelical movement–lots of children without the need for the sinful act of …

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May 02 2012

Response to Intelligent Design Watchmaker Poem

RESPONSE TO INTELLIGENT DESIGN WATCHMAKER POEM Now most people know that watches in pockets, Are made of different stuff than eyes in eye sockets. A watch doesn’t have wings, or flippers, or feet, A watch isn’t something another watch might just eat. A watch doesn’t live in a nest, cave, or hive, And that is …

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