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Nov 27 2013

[Mini-fisk] JR Hill, defending monarchy and conflating arguments

ComRes recently carried out a poll for the Sunday Telegraph, asking the question: ‘Do you believe Britain is better off as a monarchy or would be better off as a republic?’ 66% voted monarchy, 17% republic and 17% don’t know. Yet the Observer insists that the Royal Family is outdated. Is it not ironic that, in …

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Oct 31 2013

Hitchens has a book-length essay against the monarchy?!

Following on from yesterday… Indeed. It exists. It’s like someone granted a wish I didn’t know I wanted to make.

Oct 30 2013

Monarchy… seriously?

I was reading an old, but good post from Hamilton Nolan – that’s equal parts hyperbolic and entertaining as informative. I’m not sure what it was that made me think how bizarre it is that UK still has people who just are “better” than us mortals — for some unknown reason. Writing at Gawker, Nolan …

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