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Name: Tauriq Moosa
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Tauriq Moosa writes on ethical matters in the news and pop culture. He has tutored bioethics and critical thinking. His writing has appeared in the Guardian, io9, New Humanist, Skeptic, New Statesman, Free Inquiry, and 3QuarksDaily.com. He has been recommended by The New Yorker, The New York Times Opinionator, and the Huffington Post. He debated Desmond Tutu for a BBC documentary, but lost due to a cup-cake interception. He hates dolphins, will never have children and loves good writing - whether as a novel, comic book, or TV series. (Avatar image painted by my comics co-creator Damien Worm)

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  2. Male entitlement, why it’s a problem, why I (and you should) oppose it — July 20, 2014
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Jul 21 2014

And along came a pastor to prove my point about men’s entitlement

Yeah, this happened.

Jul 20 2014

Male entitlement, why it’s a problem, why I (and you should) oppose it

Because, in 2014 (not, you know, 1814), a woman can be sent a document, from her husband, detailing when she said no to sex. Because a website can publish a list of traits “attractive girls” have that, I guess, “unattractive” girls don’t. Because a man who’s not exactly on good terms with women’s equality can …

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Jul 17 2014

Women, science and the machine of exclusion

In my latest for The Daily Beast, I respond to a piece about how “females” just can’t brain science as well as men – or rather, that “females as a whole” tend to find science boring. Apparently. According to some dodgy data. Anyway, I had some amazing input from some brilliant scientists who have had …

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Jul 05 2014

Robin Thicke and self-entitled creepiness

So, I’m not what you’d call a regular listener to radio. I did, however, encounter Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” when it came out – and found it not only a repulsive song, musically, but also morally. I think we should care about what goes into our creative endeavours, but maybe I’m just a crazy …

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Jul 03 2014

I love Watch Dogs but I also hate so much of it

And I explain why here.

Jun 26 2014

Has Ann Coulter written the most Ann Coulter article ever?

Yes. Yes, she has. Soocer – or “football”, as “Europeans” like to “call” it (seriously, what’s up with conservatives and their fucking quotation marks?) - is coming to eat your children. It shall do so using the bizarre numbers from metric system, not allow you to use your hands like we’re cavemen or something, and bring …

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Jun 18 2014

Ubisoft, women and diversity in media

My latest for The Daily Beast is on Ubisoft’s (lack of) prioritising women in their upcoming games and the response, in general, from those wanting diversity in media. Specifically in the case of Assassin’s Creed: Unity I found this really disappointing, since this is a talented bunch of people – who not only themselves wanted women, but are …

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May 21 2014

Please support thoughtful game writing

Five out of Ten Magazine is a wonderful digital publication, edited by smarty-pants friend of mine, Alan Williamson; it focuses on critical videogame essays. Often game sites do fairly boring news – “DEVELOPER GIVES TINY FACTOID ABOUT UNRELEASED GAME, WE SPECULATE WITH 1,000 WORDS” or “HERE’S A SCREENSHOTTTTTTT!” – but much of the rich conversation …

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May 20 2014

Against stigma of sex workers and adult performers

In my latest for The Daily Beast, I look at the case of camgirl and adult performer Eden Alexander – who had a fundraiser for important medical bills cut off because… sex work is icky? The site that processes payments for the fundraiser, WePay, asserted that Alexander had violated their ToS, which strictly prohibits funds being …

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May 15 2014

Chuck Norris’ blogging site hates me (again)


Well, at least this time, they spelled my name correctly.

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