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Jul 11 2014

The famously fluffy and friendly Friday open thread

As far as I can work out, there are currently arguments still ongoing on four different threads on this blog, which may be a record. I’m not sure you all really need somewhere else to argue, but since we haven’t had a new open thread for a couple of weeks I figured we should have a …

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Jun 27 2014

The Fishin’ Around Friday Open Thread

There have been several of our recurring themes around the news this week. As a few of you were discussing in the last open thread, Rhiannon Brooker has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years for making false rape allegations against her ex-boyfriend. Most people’s attention was captured by the frankly outrageous comments from Women Against Rape …

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Jun 13 2014

The Footy Frenzy Friday Open Thread

Evening all. I’d love to tell you all about the latest fascinating twists and turns in the world of gender politics, but to be perfectly honest the only thing I’m thinking about this weekend is the footy. Go Costa Rica! What’s on your radar folks?  

Jun 06 2014

The entirely Fact Free Friday open thread


So what’s on your mind folks? If you’d like an oblique strategy starter, you could have a listen in to yesterday’s BBC Woman’s Hour, which was a special edition to mark the 25th anniversary of the release of Joan Smith’s book, Misogynies. As a couple of you already noticed, it also includes a very brief …

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May 30 2014

Open thread: Would you like an open thread?

The other day HetPat regular Carnation left a comment suggesting that this blog (can I presume to call you all this community?) might benefit from a weekly open thread, and whenever conversations are running too far off topic, I (or others) could politely suggest the conversation is moved there. Personally I have no strong opinions …

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Jan 18 2014

A quick update on moderation policy

There’s something that I’ve had to take action on several occasions in recent weeks. It is something which I personally consider very serious and I thought I should spell it out. I will not tolerate references to someone’s (supposed) mental health status as an ad hominem attack. I’m particularly thinking of things like References to …

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Dec 09 2013

Just dropping by

Hi there. Just a quick fly-by to say I’m doing some contract work at the moment, generally up to my eyeballs, and haven’t had time to blog. If any regular readers are in London, you might like to know that I’m in Hackney on Thursday night, at the near-legendary BBC Question Time Watchalong  night. I’m …

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Nov 08 2013

This week’s witterings at large

A couple of things building on familiar HetPat themes elsewhere this week. On Comment is Free I mused a little on my initial reactions to Angry White Men, the new book by Michael Kimmel, which has pretty strong links to some of what I’ve been discussing in the Malestrom series. I plan to post a …

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Aug 19 2013

Y’all need a holiday

Well, you’re getting one whether you need it or not! Going to be away for the best part of a fortnight, so rather than worrying about what you’re all saying behind my back, I’ll be switching off comments on all posts later this evening, so if you want to get in the last word on …

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Jul 20 2013

Musings on moderation

Since I moved this blog to FTB, I’ve received about 50 comments every day on average. Over the past few weeks it has been closer to 100 per day. Many of these comments are long and intricate, thoughtful and carefully expressed. Others not so much, but I welcome them all. As a general rule, I …

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