Let’s Have an It’s Not-Even-Friday Open Thread

Had planned to put make a new place for you to play last night but got distracted by football and beer. So have a Saturday open thread instead.

It seems to have been several millennia since I last invited you to rant and ramble without frontiers. I’ve lost track of all the fascinating nuggets that have slipped past unremarked, but this week alone I have mostly been laughing like a drain, firstly at the hilarious bit of trolling published by the Independent yesterday and secondly at all the po-faced dudes being affronted and outraged about it all over the Internet. I’m reliably informed it was commissioned and posted by a departing staff editor on his last afternoon before leaving, which I think brings everything into sharp focus.

Now spill yer branez below folks, and remember, no cultural appropriation and jazz hands only please.


UPDATE: The Independent appears to have deleted the article above. At present there is not even a statement, it has simply vanished. Praise be to the Wayback Machine!

(The f’ckin hell its two fousand fifteen and we haven’t even had a) Friday Open Thread

Hello strangers


You may have noticed I’ve had a blogpost up this week. You might even have noticed that I haven’t had a blogpost up in bloody ages before that.

Was never really planned like that, just found myself a bit busy for a few weeks and when I went to look at the blog I realised I was quite enjoying having a break, and just kind of let it slip.

But yes, I’m back, so happy new year and all of that.  [Read more…]

A freshened up, fashion-free Friday open thread

Evening all.

Sorry for the general lack of activity on this blog over the past week or two. I’ve been doing some office-based contract work and C has been away this week leaving me as a temporary single parent on top. As if you care, but hey.

I thought I would start a new open thread though, as the last one is getting a bit long and unwieldy. Do please carry on your conversations here (I’ll be mean and close the other one whether you like it or not).

I also wanted a quick post to point you all towards a piece I have up at the Guardian today, which is in the HetPat ballpark. It’s a reaction to Grayson Perry’s essay in the New Statesman this week which, although I had a few issues with it, I think contains many really interesting and important insights. I addressed just one or two of them in my blog.

As a general rule I try not to grumble about editing and titling but I’ll quietly cohfess my heart did sink a little when I saw the headline. I thought I had written a forensic theoretical investigation into the mechanics of hegemony and the role of performative gender in sustaining structural authority in a world which maintains the illusion of transient adaptability while, in actuality, the locus of economic and social power remains stubbornly, persistently in situ.

But it got the title: “A man in a floral shirt is trying too hard.” 

Unsurprisingly, most of the comments are about floral shirts. Which I guess is fair enough.

Anyway, I’d be interested in the thoughts of you chaps and chappesses about either of the articles or, since it is Friday, anything else that is floating by your transom.

What’s up folks?

The fairly friendly Friday open thread

The past couple of weeks have seen a couple of the busiest and perhaps most passionately argued blogs I’ve ever had here at HetPat, and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit drunk. And if you like the sound of that, as Douglas Adams  famously noted, you wouldn’t if you were a glass of water.

If you’re new around here, every couple of weeks I start a new open thread, which has no on- or -off topic, everything is of interest, and occasionally I send people here when they’ve got too much to say on a topic thread.

Anyone following the golf? It’s not my favourite sport, but I usually get into the Ryder Cup. Might try to keep up over the weekend. I like to imagine it is all like Caddyshack and always keep an eye out for gophers.

This week I have mostly been twisting my melon with Aphex Twin’s new album. Proper old school electronica with added bubblapeepboSKWONK. Some of it is so good it makes me literally laugh with astonishment.

Oh, and there’s news and wars and bombs and diseases and OH MY GOD X FACTOR IS ON!

What are your bread and circuses, folks?



A Finely Flavoured Friday Open Thread

I’ve got the Great British Bake-Off playing on the catch-up TV widget. Officially it is my sweet significant other who is watching it but, hmmm I’m hungry.

I’ll confess I got interested in it when #Bingate erupted in the last week or two. For foreigners and Martians, this involved some old woman doing something with a young man’s ice cream in her freezer compartment (these are not euphemisms, by the way) and he ended up throwing his own baked Alaska in the bin and getting thrown off the contest.

Then, just a week later, the older woman responsible suddenly had to withdraw from the contest on medical reasons after “falling and hitting her head on a hard floor in a restaurant” causing neurological damage that temporarily disabled her sense of taste and smell, according to the BBC. Yeah right. Do those people think we have never seen Midsomer Murders?   One of the other contestants brained her with a jellyspoon, it’s a given.

Anyway, it is officially the most British scandal in the history of Britain.

Talking of which, a lot of my attention is being taken up by the Scottish independence referendum. As an expat Scot in England, it’s kind of freaky that my family could be foreigners by this time next week. (Shut up, constitutional law geeks). I’ve been keeping my counsel, as I don’t have a vote and I don’t really feel comfortable opining when I don’t have to live with the consequences. Broadly, my head says no and my heart says yes, but the honest truth is I won’t be devastated with either result next week.

[Read more…]

The Frankly Forgettable Friday Open Thread

Evening all.

I’ve been fairly conspicuous by my absence over the past couple of weeks thanks to one thing or another, and truth be told it’s likelyto stay that way for another week or so before normal service resumes.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping half an eye on the sprawling conversations/arguments/ debates/ slanging matches which have kept  other threads lively, so I thought you might appreciate a shiny, clean new open thread to give you room to breathe and perhaps an excuse to change the subject. [Read more…]

The fantastically fly new Freethought Blogs Friday Open Thread

Woohoo! As you’ve probably noticed, FTB has finally come good with the long-promised site overhaul.

I think the front page makes a lot more sense now, and everything is just a wee bit more stylish.

I am, however, all too aware of the first rule of the Internet, which is that NOTHING MUST EVER CHANGE. [Read more…]

The feverishly fundering Friday open thread

Well I don’t know about where you are, but here in Manchester this week it’s been hotter than a gusset in a chorus line. The tar between the cobbles has been bubbling on the streets, the whippets have been refusing to whip and some of us have even removed our flat caps.

I’m told that today London has suddenly gone all thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening, me.

Gallleo. Gallleo. Gallleo Figaro.

I’m jealous.

How’s things in your corner of the world? [Read more…]

The famously fluffy and friendly Friday open thread

As far as I can work out, there are currently arguments still ongoing on four different threads on this blog, which may be a record.

I’m not sure you all really need somewhere else to argue, but since we haven’t had a new open thread for a couple of weeks I figured we should have a new one. Here you can drift as far off topic as you like, (since topic is there none) or raise any issues or points of interest that you’d  like to share with me or  the rest of the world.

Since there are so many arguments elsewhere, you may wish to keep this fluffy and friendly and post links to pictures of your kittens.  Or you can just call each other fucking idiots as usual. [Read more…]

The Fishin’ Around Friday Open Thread

There have been several of our recurring themes around the news this week.

As a few of you were discussing in the last open thread, Rhiannon Brooker has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years for making false rape allegations against her ex-boyfriend. Most people’s attention was captured by the frankly outrageous comments from Women Against Rape (WAR) who campaign vociferously against any prosecutions for making false allegations of rape. It’s a bizarre position to hold, seems to serve no purpose other than making feminism look entirely unreasonable, and I really don’t understand why the Guardian, in particular, give them so much airspace on this issue.

One thing that struck me about the coverage of the case, though, was the focus on why she had done it, what her motivations might have been. Was she trying to create a cover story because she was  about to fail her Bar exams (as alleged by the prosecution) or was it an inexplicable act committed in the midst of an emotional breakdown and immense stress and pressure,  as her defense counsel maintained, or was there some other more mysterious explanation?

My point is that we very rarely ask these questions about other criminals. If someone commits an assault or a rape we don’t agonise over why (usually) he might have done it. I think our desperate search to find an explanatory framework comes down to our collective difficulty in conceptualising the fact  that sometimes women can do really bloody nasty things out of spite.

Which leads me on to the  next topic on my radar – the study by Elizabeth Bates and Nicola Graham-Kevan which was reported at the Forensic section conference of the British Psychological Society yesterday. I’m not entirely sure what is new in it, all of it seems reasonably familliar to me, but the interesting thing in the light of recent debates on this site is that they found evidence to suggest women are more prone to show aggression to their partners than to non-partners of their own sex, whereas men are less likely (than women) to be aggressive towards their partners but more likely to be aggressive to other people of their own gender.

So they are the main things I haven’t found time to write about this week.

What else have we missed?