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Jun 02 2014

Monday Miscellany: New Data, Negative Results, Innate Differences

1. Psychologist has believed for years that at some point, psychology will vindicate his belief that the hot hand effect exists. When evidence does finally appear…he goes looking for disconfirmation  You would think, then, that 15 years later I would feel vindicated. New data suggests that when you use much richer data than was available previously, the …

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May 26 2014

Monday Miscellany: Everything, Ems, Eggs

1. Three different relationship stories, one important principle. Whoever injected our collective brain with the idea that love is something we earn by making ourselves want only smaller, appropriate, manageable things needs to come here and fight me, with fists. Because I want EVERYTHING. I want love, I want great sex, I want great kissing, …

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May 19 2014

Monday Miscellany: Masterpost, Metaphors, MOVING

Housekeeping Note: I move to the Bay Area for the summer, beginning June 6th. I have a MASSIVE AND SCARY list of things to do before then, and posts will be slightly shorter. If you live there, lovely! I will be deeply sleep deprived for at least several days, but will be around through the …

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May 12 2014

Monday Miscellany: Wendy Darling, Developmental Psych, Depp

1. “Give me princesses who ride around, slaying dragons, or mounting them and claiming the sky.” Imagine this: Wendy Darling becomes a pilot as soon as she comes of age, because she was always going to find a way to fly, and night after night sitting by the windowsill never got her anywhere other than the …

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May 05 2014

Monday Miscellany: Cutting Boards, Clerics, Campus Sexual Violence Reports

1. This article actually gave me a very different argument against the death penalty: it might be harming medical science in other domains. Yet even if executions are not medical, they can affect medicine. Supplies of propofol, a widely used anesthetic, came close to being choked off as a result of Missouri’s plan to use …

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Apr 28 2014

Monday Miscellany: Corgwn, Childhood Immunizations, Challenges

1. Drop everything you’re doing and read this Reddit AMA with Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler. And if you haven’t read A Series of Unfortunate Events, clear a space in the debris from the stuff you just dropped and read a while. Q: What should I name my new cat? A: “The Plague.” Has anyone seen The …

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Apr 21 2014

Monday Miscellany: Permission, Pat Answers….Peeing.

1. I…..yeah, my hometown. There’s an old adage in Texas criminal justice reform that’s become downright apocryphal: It goes that jailtime should be reserved for the criminals we’re “scared of, not the ones we’re mad at.” In the case of 23-year-old Daniel Athens, who will be spending a full year and a half in a …

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Apr 14 2014

Monday Miscellany: Caring, Comments, K.C.

1. Stephanie on why ‘zero-tolerance’ harassment policies sound pretty, but do damage. Finally, zero-tolerance policies fail because they’re difficult for organizers to follow. This seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. When there’s a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, it gets harder for organizers to determine they’re making the right choice. Patterns of behavior are easier to work with than …

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Apr 07 2014

Monday Miscellany: NPR, Non-monogamy, Neurocomic

1. I grew up getting my news from NPR. So, uh, this was terrifying. (Bonus points if you read it in the anchor’s voices) 2. There’s been some excellent writing on aspects of polyamory recently. From Mitchell on jealousy, and Ferret, on compersion. I look at compersion as a nice-to-have, a goal you should strive towards …

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Mar 31 2014

Monday Miscellany: Vohs, Value, Online Vigilantism

Personal note: I’m concluding my undergraduate studies in June. Effective August, I’ll be starting a Masters in Social Work here. The only reason this isn’t in all caps is because I’m pretty sure I wore out all my all-capsing shouting with joy over the weekend, when I found out. So! Boston for me :) Now! …

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