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May 27 2014

Can Can Can

[Somewhat more rambly post, still frantically packing and finishing finals] I’ve noticed something recently, about this phrase: Can you do something for me? There are two ways this phrase can go. Can you do something for me…[by never doing this thing that I hate that you've been doing?] and Can you do something for me? …

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Apr 28 2014

The Cockroach of Motivation

[Draft-clearing again. Quite old, somewhat updated for clarity.] Today, as I have several times this year, I told someone that I had gone on a date with that I would prefer not to see them again. Then I gave a presentation I thought could have gone better and proceeded to be horribly unproductive all day. …

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Sep 23 2013

Using Self-Help Anxiety (SAM) App: Initial Thoughts

Before: Yes, hi, this is anxious.

I downloaded the Self-Help Anxiety Management (henceforth, SAM) app to my phone several weeks back with the intention of giving it a trial run. Today I got quite anxious and after knitting part of a scarf, walking three miles, trying to meditate, and taking a nap, all with zero success in stress-reduction, I remembered it. …

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Sep 21 2013

Panic Button Collector

I’m finding myself more drawn to spoken word performances, and ran across this today. The cadence, the feelings, the brilliant Andrea Gibson on fears and anxiety.