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Jul 08 2013

The Time Zone Calendar Problem: A Clumsy But Effective Hack

US Time zones.svg

So a little while ago, I was griping ardently on Facebook and Twitter about this stupid fracking thing my iPhone calendar had started doing. (I know, I know — first world problems.) If I entered an event into my calendar for (say) 5pm, and I then flew from the Pacific time zone to the Eastern …

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Sep 16 2011

I have my archives!

I have my archives from my old blog! They’re here! With comments and everything! They’re even in the right categories! Images and videos didn’t make it over, and there are a handful of posts that didn’t make it and that I’ll have to put in by hand. (For some reason, it didn’t like my posts …

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Jul 14 2009

Strange Religious Signs in the Midwest

When I went on this trip, I’d been planning to do a Midwestern follow-up to my Strange Religious Imagery in my Neighborhood piece. But alas, Midwesterners don’t go much for floridly weird religious imagery. (At least, not in the part of the Midwest where we were.) They do, however, go for some interesting religious language. …

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Sep 25 2007

Night of the Living Vacation Photos

This is the price you pay, people. You want my opinionated rants thoughtful commentary on religion and politics and sex; you have to put up with my vacation snapshots. Hopefully some of you will emerge from the horror unscarred. This is me and Ingrid in front of the Berwyn Spindle. Berwyn is a suburb of …

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Apr 11 2007

The Weirdest Little City in the World: Our Trip to Reno

At the risk of sounding like a third-grader’s social studies report: Reno is a land of contrasts. It’s a city whose entire reason for being is to suck money from out-of-towners. (That’s even true historically — according to a plaque we saw on the river, one of the city’s founders was a gold rush prospector …

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Jul 26 2005

Travel Diary, 7/26/05: L.A., N.Y., Annandale-On-Hudson, D.C.

Don’t worry. There’s no effing way I’m going to bore you all with a detailed diary of everything I did on my summer vacation. I’m going to content myself with a single exceptional (or exceptionally weird) moment from each city we went to. Los Angeles: A really good question from the audience at the reading/book …

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