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Jul 15 2014

Secular Meditation: Sticking With It, Part 2 — Doing What You Like

In yesterday’s post, I talked about ways to stay with a meditation practice and to find the time and motivation and discipline to do it every day. Inspired by this comment from Lea, I want to add another “sticking with it” tip: Pick forms of meditation that you enjoy, that resonate with you, and that …

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Jul 14 2014

Secular Meditation: “How do you stick with it?”

I’ve read about (and listened to podcasts about) mindfulness meditation and have tried it some… Unfortunately, what I’ve found is that I had a hard time continuing with the mindfulness practice and didn’t keep it up for long. Did you have a hump to get over when you first started? If you have a routine, …

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Jun 13 2014

Secular Meditation: Meditation as a Pleasure

When I write about meditation, I sometimes get asked how I maintain a regular meditation routine: how I find the motivation and the time to do it every day, how I fold it into my everyday life, how I keep it from slipping into the category of “interesting enthusiasms I once took up and then …

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May 14 2014

Secular Meditation: The Paradox of Focus, and Hey, What’s That Shiny Bead Over There?


So if part of the point of secular meditation is to learn how to focus your awareness and not be distracted by a hundred things… how do you focus long enough to meditate in the first place? I recently wrote a piece on doing secular meditation and on how — exactly — it’s helping with …

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May 12 2014

Secular Meditation: Both Restful and Active (Something I Forgot In My Post on Meditation and Depression)

feet on balance beam

There’s something I forgot to mention in my previous post about secular meditation and depression. It’s one of the qualities of meditation that seems to help me with my depression — and frankly, just with my life. I strongly think this would be a useful thing even if I didn’t have depression. So I wanted …

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May 05 2014

Secular Meditation: How It Helps With My Depression

I’m going to preface this right off the bat by saying: I am not a doctor. I am not a therapist. I am not a mental health care professional, or indeed a health care professional of any kind. I’m just talking about myself here, and my own experiences. If these ideas resonate with you, and …

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Apr 07 2014

Secular Meditation: Mindfulness and Sex

silhouette lovers kissing on beach

So how might the principles and practices of secular mindfulness be applied to boffing? In some ways, sex is a perfect arena to practice mindfulness. And in some ways, it’s really, really not. Not that it’s impossible or antithetical or anything. Just that it’s sometimes challenging, and counterintuitive, and complicated. I’ll start with the ways …

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Feb 21 2014

Secular Meditation: Listening to Silence


There’s this meditation technique I’ve been using. It’s a little hard to talk about: not in the “painful or upsetting” sense of “hard to talk about,” but in the “literally difficult to find words” sense. But I’ve been finding it very valuable, so I thought I’d share with the rest of the class. I’ve been …

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Jan 13 2014

Secular Meditation: “If you can’t meditate for twenty minutes a day…”

clock in hand

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb Almost as soon as I started meditating, I started hearing this proverb. It pops into my mind now and then: usually when I’m struggling with (or simply looking at) how to …

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Nov 12 2013

Secular Meditation: As It Gets Easier, It Gets More Difficult

I’m running into an interesting paradox/ conundrum/ thing with my secular meditation practice. I’ve been meditating regularly, almost every day, since April of this year. Unsurprisingly, as I continue to do it and to be a little more experienced with it, it’s been getting easier. Specifically, it’s become much easier to just sit still for …

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