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Mar 04 2013

Runway Recap: Aging Out

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 6 Patricia

So since last week’s Runway Recap was all about one of my most loaded, most complicated, most compelling fashion topics — namely, fashion and size — I suppose it’s only fair that this week’s should hit one of my other gigantic hot buttons: Fashion and age. For this season’s “real woman” challenge (serious air-quotes, I …

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Feb 25 2013

Runway Recap: Sizing It Up

Project Runway Episode 11 Season 5 Benjamin

If you’re going to design clothes for a bigger woman, you need to use a bigger dress form. And you need to showcase them on bigger models. Period. I mostly liked this episode. I think the “teams” concept is working out well, way the hell better than I’d expected. I was worried that when the …

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Feb 19 2013

Runway Recap: What a Difference a Day Makes

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 4 Samantha

Damn. Day-um. This season of Project Runway is like a rollercoaster. Last week’s episode had me kvetching about how it was a perfect example of everything that’s gone wrong with the show. This week’s episode was a perfect example of everything I love about the show: what makes it fun, what makes it compelling, what …

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Feb 13 2013

Runway Recap: Pretty Dresses for Heidi, and the Cash Machine

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 3 Layana and Katelyn

“Make a pretty dress for Heidi that she’ll use to plug her latest project.” The main reason I didn’t do this Runway Recap until now is that I’ve been on a fairly intense and exhausting speaking tour, and just got back last night. But the other reason I didn’t do this Runway Recap until now …

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Feb 04 2013

Runway Recap: The Great Kilt Freakout, Or, Gender Normativity is Boring and Stupid (UPDATED)

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 2 Kilt 1

So… kilts? Really, Project Runway judges? You’re going to twist your knickers and wring your hands and fall about like fainting goats… over kilts? Okay. First things first. Basic assessment of this episode: Not bad. This episode focused a lot more on the actual design process than the show has for many a season, and …

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Feb 01 2013

Fashion Friday: High Heels and Feminism

high heels xray

Can you be a feminist and still like high heels? Well, obviously you can. Plenty of feminists like high heels. A better question would be: Is liking high heels consistent with being a feminist? The most standard feminist reaction to high-heeled shoes is that they’re oppressive and sexist. High heels hurt. They’re terrible for your …

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Jan 29 2013

Runway Recap: Team Players

Project Runway Season 4 DVD

To my great surprise, I’m willing to give this Project Runway “Teams” thing a chance. When I first started watching Project Runway a few years back, I evangelized about it to anyone who would listen. “No, really!” I’d say. “I know, it’s a reality competition show… but it’s one of the best things on television! …

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Jan 18 2013

Fashion Friday: Workout Clothes

Greta in workout clothes

Does it really, cosmically speaking, matter what I wear to the gym? I was buying gym pants at Ross the other day, and I started pondering this question. To a great extent, I don’t care all that much what I wear to the gym. I have a very small wardrobe of workout clothes, and when …

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Jan 10 2013

Shoes for Social Justice! UPDATED

So if you were following the absurd manufactured shoe controversy, and you were feeling irritated or frustrated about it (or just baffled by how unbelievably dumb it was), and you felt inspired to do something about it — here’s something you can do. In response to the stupid non-controversy, several readers made new donations to …

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Jan 06 2013

The Absurd Manufactured Shoe Controversy: A Brief Response

So here’s the first thing I’ll say about this absurd manufactured mini-controversy: If you donated money to me during my recent cancer fundraiser, and you’re not happy with the fact that I recently spent some money on a somewhat-more-expensive-than-usual pair of dressy comfortable shoes bought largely to be worn in professional settings, I will refund …

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