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Sep 23 2009

Dream diary, 9/23/09: The Paul Newman progressive ice show

I dreamed that I was doing an ice show about progressive political issues with Paul Newman. As the big finale of that day’s show, to represent the fight against global warming, I was supposed to skate across the length of the ice rink as fast as I could, ending with a flying leap, and catching …

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Aug 04 2009

Dream diary, 8/4/09: The singing alarm clock

I dreamed that when my alarm clock went off, instead of making a series of buzzes, it sang. Specifically, it sang about food, making suggestions about what I might eat that day. If I got up right away, it gave me a broad range of suggestions in its song; but every time I hit the …

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Jun 08 2009

Dream diary, 6/8/09: The Facebook survival kit

I dreamed that when you joined Facebook, they gave you a medical kit to help you survive in case of natural or man-made disaster. When I picked up mine, I thought I’d have to show some sort of proof that I’d joined Facebook, but it turned out to be pretty much on the honor system. …

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Mar 14 2009

Dream diary, 3/14/09: Violet and Rorschach

I dreamed that the markings on our cat Violet were moving around on her face like Rorschach from Watchmen.

Feb 13 2009

Dream diary, 2/13/09: The NAACP symbol

I dreamed that the symbol of the NAACP was a floating letter N (capital, sans- serif, about the size of a human hand) that bobbed around in the air at about eye level and followed people around, reminding them to support civil rights.

Jan 21 2009

Dream diary, 1/21/09: Doctor Biden’s housecall

I dreamed that Joe Biden was my doctor, and was making a housecall at my office. I was having narcolepsy and dizzy spells: he said we could treat it with aggressive medication, but he thought the problem might just be sleep deprivation, and suggested I take a nap. He also thought the problem might be …

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Jul 31 2008

Atheist Dreams

Do any of you ever have atheist dreams? I don’t mean atheist dreams, as in, “dreams and hopes for a better, more atheist- friendly world.” I mean atheist dreams, as in, “I dreamed that Christopher Hitchens was trying to sell me life insurance,” or, “I dreamed that the ghost of Thomas Aquinas appeared at my …

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Jul 28 2008

Dream diary, 7/28/08: The Shadow Government

I dreamed that there was a secret organization — a corporate organization, but also connected with the government somehow — that was controlling people through subliminal signals created by shadows falling on their bodies while they slept. In the dream, I “woke up” to see some shadows in the corner of the room: the shadows …

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Apr 08 2008

Dream diary, 4/8/08: Atheist Plumbing

I dreamed that Ebonmuse, of the Daylight Atheism blog, had asked me to write a blog post about atheist plumbing for a project he was doing in the atheist blogosphere. I woke up in a guilty panic, thinking, “Shit! I forgot to write that atheist plumbing post I promised Ebon!” It took me a few …

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Jan 13 2008

Dream diary, 1/13/08: The dream job

I dreamed that I was applying for a job as a professional dreamer. Specifically, I was applying for the job of United States Dreamer Laureate. The job basically involved having interesting dreams; writing about them was a part of it, but just having the dreams was the primary responsibility. I really wanted the job, and …

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