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Mar 05 2012

Dream diary, 3/5/12: Atheist extreme motorcycling

I dreamed that a trick motorcycle rider sponsored by the Daylight Atheism blog had become very successful, and that atheism had been getting a surge of interest from the world of extreme sports.

Jan 18 2012

Dream diary, 1/18/12: The blood test for books

I dreamed that the government had created new medical technology where they could test your blood and find out what books you’d been reading. I was upset about the invasion of privacy this represented, but mostly I was embarrassed and annoyed that my recent reading list hadn’t been serious enough and had so much escapist …

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Jan 11 2012

Dream diary, 1/11/12: Christopher Hitchens at Tufts

I dreamed that Christopher Hitchens was teaching philosophy at Tufts, and that I had moved across the country to take his classes. I liked his first class — but most of the dream was taken up with frustration and annoyance at having to live in a dorm again, getting lost on a confusing campus, and …

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Oct 29 2011

Dream Diary, 10/29/11: The Sociology of Atheist Leadership

I dreamed that a sociologist was analyzing the effectiveness of atheist leaders and writers, and was correlating this effectiveness with two factors: where they lived, and how much they paid in mortgage or rent. I ranked very high on this sociologist’s effectiveness scale, but was nevertheless outraged by this analysis, because (a) the two factors …

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Oct 26 2011

Starring Now in Jen McCreight’s Zombie Dream…

I have a starring role in Jen McCreight’s dream! Okay, fine. A starring role as a clueless, self-involved dolt who’s too dim to know that she’s being kidnapped or that a zombie apocalypse is upon us. Still.

Oct 13 2011

Dream diary, 10/13/11: The Atheist Comedian Conference and Pizza Party

I dreamed that Ingrid and I were hosting an atheist conference in our house, with a line-up combining famous atheist writers and atheist stand-up comedians, and with an informal pizza party in our basement at the dinner break. I was enjoying hanging out with Richard Dawkins, but was irritated that the vegetarian pizza all got …

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Sep 24 2011

Dream diary, 9/24/11: The Nude Version of “Sideways”


I dreamed that I was watching a version of the movie “Sideways” that was exactly the same as the original, except that all the actors were in the nude. The main thing that was surprising about this, apart from the fact that it existed, was that both Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church had extensive …

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Sep 16 2011

I have my archives!

I have my archives from my old blog! They’re here! With comments and everything! They’re even in the right categories! Images and videos didn’t make it over, and there are a handful of posts that didn’t make it and that I’ll have to put in by hand. (For some reason, it didn’t like my posts …

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Jan 02 2011

Dream diary, 1/2/10: Oak Aged Scotch

I dreamed that there was a fancy, high-end Scotch that, instead of being aged in oak barrels, was aged in live oak trees that had been hollowed out specifically for this purpose. I was a little confused as to how the oak trees could survive this process, but was told that the whisky functioned like …

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Nov 21 2009

Dream diary, 11/21/09: Terrorist Pizza Party

I dreamed that I was having pizza with Iranian terrorists. A reporter friend of mine was doing a story on them; she was hiding them in her crawlspace, but they were thinking of coming out and revealing themselves in public. To encourage them to do this, she had a pizza party for them. Ingrid and …

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