Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday: Catfish in the Sun

And now, two cute pictures of my cat.



Isn’t she angelic, sitting there in that patch of sunlight? Doesn’t she just look like the sweetest thing?

And here’s a note that our catsitter left when we got back from vacation. Click to enlarge. “Fluids” means subcutaneous fluids, the reason we hired a catsitter in the first place. This is now the third catsitter we’ve had, and the first one who was succesfully able to hydrate the cat. A formidable challenge, indeed. You have no idea how much trouble a seven-pound, 16-year-old cat can be. That’s my girl.


Friday Cat Blogging: Kitten Feeding Time Mosh Pit

My cousin’s wedding last week was held in a barn, and there was a mother cat living there with four kittens at maximum cuteness age — about six weeks, young enough to be tiny and fluffy still, but old enough to be playing and gamboling about. We took a million pictures, but this is my favorite: Kitten Feeding Time Mosh Pit.


I love the kitten on top, the one lying on the other kittens’ heads. He’s all like, “Yeah, I’m sitting on your head. What’s your point?”

And the hay bale is the perfect touch.

For the total experience, click to enlarge.

Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday: Violet the Diva

And now, four cute pictures of our cat. (Typepad was down on Friday night, which is why this week’s Friday Cat Blog pictures are going up on Saturday.)





Violet is really the beauty of our cat family (as well as being the diva), but she’s very hard to photograph. Our apartment doesn’t get much light, and with the flash she tends to just look like a shapeless black lump. Plus the flash makes her close her eyes, so you can’t see her different colored eyes, which are spectacular.

But Ingrid got this series of her on a sunny day in the brightest room of the house, and I think they turned out amazingly well. Please note the exquisite “tuck and roll” formation in Pictures 1 and 3; the paw over the eyes in Picture 2, and the heterochromia (different colored eyes) visible in Pictures 3 and 4. (You can click on the photos to enlarge and get a better view of the eyes.) Please also note the little black spot on her pink nose, and the way the white patch on her face cuts across her blue eye.

And speaking of which, I have to share with you the song Ingrid wrote about Violet and her one blue eye:

Why don’t you scritch me like you used to do?
Why do you treat me like a worn out shoe?
My fur is still furry and my eye is still blue
So why don’t you scritch me like you used to do?

That is all. Thank you for your time.

Friday Cat Blogging: Catfish with Dangling Tail

And now, a cute picture of my cat.


We don’t take that many pictures of Catfish, since mostly all she does is sleep on the heater. (She’s an elderly cat and loves the warmth even more than most cats, and the heater is always slightly warm from the pilot light.) But this pose with the dangling tail was too perfect to pass up.

And yes, we have a little mat on the heater specifically for her to sleep on. What’s your point?

Friday Cat Blogging: Violet on the Suitcase

And now, two cute pictures of our cat.



This is Violet, on Ingrid’s suitcase. I’d like to think that she’s doesn’t like Ingrid traveling so much and is trying to tell her not to leave. But really, I think she just likes sitting on the suitcase.

Which, I would like to point out, is not that much larger than Violet. We have some large cats.

Dream diary, 8/18/07: The cats’ PR rep, and the half-assed prison

Cats_3Dream #1: I dreamed that our cats Lydia and Violet had hired a PR representative to improve their public image. I was reading either a press release about them or a magazine article based on a press release, and realized that their publicity was being handled very professionally.

PrisonDream #2: I dreamed that I was visiting Ingrid at her new job in the prisons (in the dream, the Chino prison she’s been going to all the time was only about 45 minutes from San Francisco). When I arrived, it seemed that the prison was very small (only about 20 prisoners), and security was very lax. The guard asked if I could help push a patient in a wheelchair in to see Ingrid, and when I left, the guard very casually asked if I could lock the door behind me on my way out.

Friday Cat Blogging: Ginger in the Garden! Plus, a brief blog break

And now, a cute picture of a cat.

This is Ginger, a feral who hangs out in our backyard. Our upstairs neighbors feed her and give her a shelter on their porch, and she rewards us all by being decorative in our garden.




Also a quick FYI: I’m going to L.A. for a couple of days to visit our friends Chip and Hayley, and rather than being a psycho anti-social freak, I’m locking the laptop up at home and taking a break from it. (Really — I can quit any time I want.) I’ll probably be back on the keyboard Monday or Tuesday. I’m sure you’re all devastated, but I hope you’ll find the strength to carry on.

Friday Cat Blogging: Snuggling with Lydia and Violet

And now, a cute picture of me with our cats.


Can’t… move! Surrounded… by… huge.. cats! Send… help!

They’ve been doing this a lot lately — Lydia flanking me on my right, Violet on my left — but not usually this aggressively. It’s sweet, but it’s kind of overwhelming, since between the two of them they weigh about 36 pounds.