Friday Cat Blogging: Ginger in the Garden! Plus, a brief blog break

And now, a cute picture of a cat.

This is Ginger, a feral who hangs out in our backyard. Our upstairs neighbors feed her and give her a shelter on their porch, and she rewards us all by being decorative in our garden.




Also a quick FYI: I’m going to L.A. for a couple of days to visit our friends Chip and Hayley, and rather than being a psycho anti-social freak, I’m locking the laptop up at home and taking a break from it. (Really — I can quit any time I want.) I’ll probably be back on the keyboard Monday or Tuesday. I’m sure you’re all devastated, but I hope you’ll find the strength to carry on.

Friday Cat Blogging: Snuggling with Lydia and Violet

And now, a cute picture of me with our cats.


Can’t… move! Surrounded… by… huge.. cats! Send… help!

They’ve been doing this a lot lately — Lydia flanking me on my right, Violet on my left — but not usually this aggressively. It’s sweet, but it’s kind of overwhelming, since between the two of them they weigh about 36 pounds.

Friday Cat Blogging: “Tuna Is Kewl”


Still don’t have the digital camera working (next week, I swear), so this week’s Friday cat blog is a cartoon from the odd and excellent Wondermark. (Click on the image to enlarge, or visit the original link.)

Exceptionally well-suited for a Friday cat blog, don’t you think?

This particular cartoon is from the 2005 archives, and has been making me and Ingrid chuckle ever since we saw it and put it on our fridge. I’m especially tickled by the casualness of “She doesn’t update very often though” and “I really only subscribe to be polite” — and the phrase “something particularly notable in the litter box” has become a household catchphrase.

Next week, I swear — cute pictures of our cats. I know you’re all waiting with bated breath.

Friday Cat Blogging: “She’s just really mad about something.”

Catfish_noteWe haven’t yet figured out how to use our new digital camera, so this week’s Friday Cat Blog is a very funny note our catsitter left us last Thanksgiving. Here’s the key excerpt from the text; you can also click on the picture to see it full size. (Quick explanation: The “fluids” she’s talking about are the subcutaneous fluids that Catfish gets every day — it’s why we hired a catsitter in the first place.)

“Thanks so much for letting me take care of your kitties. I am completely smitten with Lydia and Violet. They are just the cutest, sweetest, most amazing girls. I had a lot of fun with them. Catfish, hmmmm, what can I say? She didn’t like me very much. I couldn’t give her fluids at all. But, she was drinking water. I let her out every night and shuffled her into her room in the morning. She didn’t eat much. She is so cute though. She’s just really mad about something. I wish I knew what it was.”

People who know Catfish will know exactly why this is funny. “Hmmm, what can I say? She didn’t like me very much” and “She’s just really mad about something” are probably the most tactful things anyone’s ever said about her. “Your cat is a bad-tempered raving bitch” is more like it.

And for the record, we know precisely what Catfish is mad about. Catfish is mad about the existence of other cats. The fact that other cats exist is a profound insult to everything she holds dear. Sometimes she just sits in the window and hates other cats. More on this in next week’s cat blog.

Catfish Doing Yoga: Greta’s First Foray into Friday Cat Blogging


My friend Hayley used her camera phone to take this picture of Catfish doing yoga in front of the heater, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to begin my foray into Friday Cat Blogging.

I should warn you: Ingrid and I got a digital camera for Christmas (thanks, Judy and Lori!). So as soon as we figure out how to work it, this largely “sex and atheism” blog will be turning into a “sex, atheism, and cute pictures of our cats” blog.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Dream diary, 7/13/05: Cat Amusement Park

I dreamed that Ingrid and I were building a government-funded amusement park for our cats. We had about 100 of the storage benches we use for window seats (and which our cats adore), and were arranging them in a big grassy field, trying to decide what configuration the cats would like best.