Houdini, 2011-2015

I have some very sad, very sudden bad news. Our cat Houdini died early Wednesday morning, completely unexpectedly, from heart failure. It happened very fast: she seemed totally fine on Monday; Tuesday morning she wasn’t eating and we took her to the vet; she seemed ill but stable Tuesday evening; and early Wednesday morning she went into a rapid decline and died within an hour. The vet thinks she may have had some sort of congenital heart problem: apparently this can happen with cats, they can have heart problems that don’t show any symptoms until they suddenly give out.

Ingrid and I are pretty wrecked. Houdini was a very young cat, just three years old, and this came out of nowhere. We do feel fortunate that we were able to give her a good life, even though it was a short one, and we feel fortunate that she didn’t suffer for very long. But we are having a very hard time with this. We’ve lost cats before, but it’s been a long time since either of us has lost a cat this suddenly or this young.

I know the usual thing in these situations is to post pictures. But I can’t face that right now. I’ll do it when I can. If you want to see pictures of her, you can do a search for “Houdini” on this blog. (Houdini was the tortoiseshell.) If you feel so inspired, donations in her name can be made to the San Francisco SPCA. Thanks.

I’ve Looked At Cats From Both Sides Now

I need a break from the serious topics for a day or two. Here are some cat pictures.

Cats are so weird multi-faceted. One minute, they’re ridiculously snuggly-wuggly, like a Hallmark card. (I love how the tabbies in this one look like conjoined twins, joined at the butt. Also I love Comet’s paws on Houdini’s back.)

all three cats snuggly

And then a minute later, they look like the Clanton Gang.

all three cats suspicious and scary

Houdini especially. Those eyes are like daggers. Back away… slowly… hands in the air… leave the tuna on the floor…

Friday Cat Blogging: Talisker Has All The Stripes

Ingrid and I have some important information for you.

Talisker 1

Talisker 2

Talisker 3

As a natural consequence of the fact that Talisker is our stripey baby, we have determined that Talisker has all the stripes. And the logical conclusion of this is that she has all the stripes. Stripes on tigers, zebras, ring-tailed lemurs, other tabby cats — all of them belong to Talisker. As a matter of fact, if any of you have stripes on your clothing, furniture, wallpaper, household fixtures, or any other personal possessions, they belong to Talisker as well.

We realize this may be an adjustment for some of you. Let us reassure you: Talisker is more than happy to continue letting you make use of her stripes. She has no current intention to repossess them. She simply wants the matter of ownership to be understood.

Talisker 4


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Comet and Houdini Snuggling

I’m sick of the abortion thing being the top things on my blog, but I’m traveling and don’t have time or energy to write a new piece. So here are some cute pictures of Comet and Houdini snuggling.

Comet and Houdini 1

Comet and Houdini 2

Comet and Houdini 3

Comet and Houdini 4

I know, right?

Brief Blog Semi-Break, With Houdini Belly

I’m going to be in the recording studio for the next few days, recording the audiobook version of Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why. I won’t be able to blog much for the next few days. To comfort you in this time of woe, here is a picture of a cat.

Houdini belly

Houdini belly!