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May 22 2008

The Necessity of Humor: Battlestar Galactica

As insanely observant readers of this blog may have noticed, I’ve recently started watching “Battlestar Galactica.” (I haven’t seen any of this season yet — I’m midway through Season 2 on the DVDs, for once I’m going to watch a TV series in order — so please don’t give anything away.) I like the show …

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May 18 2008

“A Different Way of Knowing”: The Uses of Irrationality… and its Limitations

There’s a trope I’ve noticed in debates about atheism, about skepticism, about science. And the trope goes something like this: “Logic and reason isn’t everything. Not everything in this world is rational. Not everything that we know in the world is known through logic and reason. Sometimes we have to use our intuition, and listen …

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Jan 15 2008

A Reality Show About Art: Project Runway

It’s somewhat alarming how quickly this happened. I went from catching the last half hour of a rerun on the TV at the gym, to obsessively Tivoing every new episode plus every rerun from every single season that has ever aired… in the space of about four weeks. I’ve sucked Ingrid into it as well. …

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Aug 07 2007

She Tattooed Me With Science!

This is just neat. I’m not including any photos here since I don’t have permission to post them, but over on The Loom is an excellent, beautiful, nerdy collection of science-themed tattoos. I just love these — such astonishing variety! But I have to confess that I feel a little unoriginal now. I’ve been planning …

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Apr 12 2007

Gratuitous Provokery and ’80s Nostalgia: Kathleen Parker and Religious Imagery in Art

So conservative pundit Kathleen Parker recently wrote a column about the latest art kerfuffle, the Chocolate Jesus (a.k.a. My Sweet Lord). While I actually agreed with at least some of the gist of her piece (Catholics shouldn’t be issuing death threats over religious imagery they find offensive — kind of a hard point to argue …

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Feb 18 2007

Ninth and Bryant Parking Garage: A Review

A Dadaist masterpiece. This brilliant, unsettling work of contemporary installation art sets itself firmly within the Dadaist and neo-Dadaist tradition. With its blind alleys, impossible turns, and trajectories that lead nowhere, it echoes the functionless functionality of Meret Oppenheim’s “Fur-Lined Teacup,” Marcel Duchamp’s “Impossible Bed,” and, more recently, Jacques Carelman’s “Coffeepot for Masochists.” The influence …

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Jan 01 2007

Dream diary, 1/1/07: Multi-media Performance Art

I dreamed I was taking a college class in multi-media performance art taught by my friends Tim and Josie. I had decided to do a performance about crying and grief, and was planning to project images of the weeping Virgin Mary onto my own face, while eating pizza, with music by Fred Frith in the …

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Oct 02 2006

Sublimely Ridiculous: Mark Morris’s “King Arthur”

King Arthur Mark Morris Dance Company Cal Performances, Zellerbach Auditorium at UC Berkeley, 9/30/06 I am, rather uncharacteristically, speechless. Not that that’s going to stop me. I guess I should start by saying that it’s magnificent. Much of what I’m about to say is going to make it sound ditzy and dumb, so I should …

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Sep 07 2006

Juggling to Abbey Road

This is just cool. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything: it’s just cool. It’s this guy, Chris Bliss, doing a choreographed juggling routine to the “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End” sequence at the end of Abbey Road. And it’s just neat. It’s one of those things, like the Thorax Cake, that makes me …

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Aug 29 2006

Tee Corinne, and my other mothers and fathers

Someone I never knew died on August 27, and I sat at my computer at work yesterday writing an obituary and trying not to cry. In case you’re not familiar with her, Tee Corinne was one of the earliest pioneers of the modern lesbian and women’s erotica movements — in photography, writing, and art. She’s …

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