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Apr 30 2013

Blogathon for SSA Week: Imaginative Star Tattoos?

Five pointed star

This post continues my leg of the Blogathon for SSA Week! From now until 9pm PDT, I will write one new blog post every hour. Plus, for every $100 raised during that time, I will post one new picture of our cats! And all donations will be matched by SSA Supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet …

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Oct 19 2012

Street Art: “Picturesoteric” by Sirron Norris

"Picturesoteric" by Sirron Norris

So I was heading home today from a couple of pre-surgery errands. (Yes, I know, I have friends who will run errands for me right now… but I wanted the exercise and the outside time, especially since I have a stretch of house-bound boredom and cabin-fever ahead of me.) I was feeling tired and worried, …

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Oct 08 2012

Grief Diary, 10/7/12

10/7/12 Ingrid and I went to the Cindy Sherman exhibit today. In a perfect world, this wouldn’t have been the day to go see a challenging and disturbing art exhibition: we just got back home to San Francisco yesterday, and in a perfect world, this would have a day to rest, play with the kitties, …

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Aug 14 2012

Street Art: Rejoice

Rejoice 1

From Balmy Alley in San Francisco. Because of the angle, it was hard to get a good photo of the whole image: these are the best I could do. Balmy Alley is sort of famous. It’s in lots of guidebooks; they give tours of it; I rarely visit it without seeing other visitors there. I …

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Aug 10 2012

Street Art: Parrot

Street parrot

On the other hand… here is a nice picture of a bird. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a street art post, and I could use a little simple pleasure right about now. So here is a beautiful stencil of a parrot, on the sidewalk of either Valencia or Mission Street (I forget …

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Jul 27 2012

Fashion Friday: Gaultier, and the Blend of Discipline and Frivolity


Ingrid and I were at the Gaultier exhibit at the de Young a couple of weeks ago — many pics at the end of the piece — and I’ve been wanting to write about it ever since. The exhibit had my brain spinning with dozens of ideas: about the intersection of fashion and fine art, …

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Jul 11 2012

Street Art: Columbus, Ohio Dreamscape


When I was in Columbus, Ohio for the Secular Student Alliance conference, I saw this street art mural off of High Street, in or near the Short North (I’m still not sure where exactly the Short North begins). I was really struck by it: I like the cartoony dream-logic of it, and the tone that’s …

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Jul 03 2012

Street Art: “Like”


Continuing the street art series. This is a spout in a wall of blue tile… which someone has turned into art, by affixing a thumbs-up symbol with the word “Like” above it. I like this on so many levels. (Not least of which is how self-referential my “liking” of it automatically becomes.) There’s the obvious …

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Jun 28 2012

Street Art: Monkeys Repairing Bicycle


People seem to like the street art thing, so I’m going to keep doing it. Here are monkeys repairing a bicycle. Or possibly apes repairing a bicycle. I’m not up on my primate physiology. Not sure what I like so much about this, apart from the obvious features of it being both beautiful and weird. …

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Jun 27 2012

Street Art: Alien/ Elf Woman

Street art, Mission, San Francisco

I’m a bit of a fan of street art. I’m not an expert by any means — I don’t know the names and portfolios and histories of the art and artists, except for a handful of the most famous ones — but I love it. I’m happy to live in a neighborhood and a city …

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