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Sep 09 2009

Getting It Right Early: Why Atheists Need to Act Now on Gender and Race

I want to talk about race and sex in the atheist movement. I’m writing this because of the recent kerfuffle in the skeptical community, in which Carrie Iwan and Rebecca Watson of the Skepchick blog did a podcast interview about sexism at The Amazing Meeting (and about sexist remarks made at that meeting by “The …

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Jan 02 2013

Atheists of Color: Updating the List

Please note: This post has a different comment policy than my standard one. Please read the entire piece to the end before commenting. It’s not that long. A couple of years ago, I compiled a list of prominent atheists of color, and organizations of atheists of color, here on this blog. I did this for …

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Aug 21 2012

Why Atheism Plus Is Good for Atheism


I’m going to lay this out there: I think Atheism Plus is good. And I don’t just mean “good” in the sense of “morally right.” I mean “good” as in “good for the health and future of atheism.” As most readers here know, Jen McCreight recently proposed a new wave of atheism — an “atheist …

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Jul 24 2012

Race and Inclusivity — A To-Do List

Atheist A scarlet letter black background

If we want the atheist/ skeptical communities to be more inclusive and more welcoming to people of color — what, specifically, can we do about it? IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has a different comment policy than my standard one. It’s at the end of the post. Please read it and respect it. Thanks. At the …

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Mar 21 2011

Atheists of Color – A List

Taslima Nasreen

So here it is, as promised — a list of prominent atheists of color. And, since it seemed relevant — here, also, is a list of organizations of atheists of color, and atheist organizations predominantly focused on/ participated in by people of color. If you’re helping to organize an atheist conference, and you want your …

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Mar 14 2011

Atheists of Color?

I want to compile a list of prominent atheists of color. Not in history (I might do that sometime later), but people who are alive and active now. Can you help me? I’m getting a bit tired of atheist conference organizers saying, “We’d like to be more diverse and have more speakers of color, but …

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