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  1. Great American Satan says

    The fire fighter is flippin’ glowing. Is it bloom, or just the fire of being a bad-ass person?

    & Is that Heina looking all darling in there? Good photos yo.

  2. says

    I see Dave Kong’s been promoted from Aztec priest to Roman god. (He was an Aztec priest at the 2013 American Atheist convention.) Way to go, Dave!

  3. Greta Christina says

    I support equal rights for all Human Beings.

    But Atheist does not equal Queer.

    Jim Blair @ #3: Are you serious?

    Being a PG&E employee does not equal queer, either — but PG&E employees have a contingent in the parade. Being a street sweeper does not equal queer — but street sweepers have a contingent in the parade. Being Christian does not equal queer — but all sorts of churches have contingents in the parade. The LGBT Pride Parade is full of contingents of all sorts of subsets of the LGBT community and its allies. It is the defining feature of the parade. Subsets of the community show up to show how varied the community is; allies of the community show up to show their support.

    In fact, I would argue that atheism has a whole lot more to do with being queer than being a street sweeper does, since religion has long been one of the primary sources of homophobic oppression. It makes perfect sense to let the LGBT community know that (a) an organized atheist community exists, and (b) this community is overwhelmingly pro-gay. Just about everyone in the atheist community has been gassing on for years about how we need to do outreach and let more people know that we exist. Showing up for LGBT pride parades is a perfect example of how to do that. What possible objection could you have?

  4. says

    I missed the parade in Springfield, but made it for Pridefest at the square. First pride event, it was amazing. I hope yours is as good.

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