Greta Interviewed on “Life, the Universe & Everything Else” Podcast!

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I’ve done an interview with the “Life, the Universe & Everything Else” podcast! They talked with me as part of their special book review episode, in which they discuss a whole bunch of books on atheism, skepticism, science, science fiction, and more. We talk about my new book, Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why: why atheists might want to come out about our atheism; how coming out makes our lives better and helps other non-believers; whether using the phrase “coming out” for atheists is appropriating language from the LGBT community in a problematic way; parallels (and differences) between coming out as atheist and coming out as LGBT, polyamorous, or with other marginalized identities; the language we use when atheists come out; my motivation for writing the book; what this coming out guide has to offer atheists who are already pretty much out; my favorite stories from the book (and why some of my favorite stories are the boring ones); and more. Enjoy!

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