“I just want to rape you,” “you dirty piece of property”

Content note: rape threat, violence against women, misogyny.

Still more joy from Twitter, in response to my #YesAllWomen tear.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.48.04 PM

Asshole on Twitter: @GretaChristina I don’t hate you. I just want to rape you. #deservedit #yesallmen

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.53.51 PM

@BinkyToes: @GretaChristina That user is suspended. YAY!

Asshole on Twitter: @BinkyToes @GretaChristina No I’m not you dirty piece of property.

FYI, it does seem that this user has been suspended. For now.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    I suppose this sort of pathology has gone on forever and is only now getting amplified by the internet – but lately can’t help but think more and more that Alice “James Tiptree, Jr” Sheldon’s horrifying sf story, “The Screwfly Solution” was all too prophetic.

    Has anybody seen a “Sons of Adam” group slithering out from under rocks yet?

  2. says

    Urgh, awful asshole, hope he stays suspended. I must admit that scanning through your threads though that those popping up to ask, very *civilly*, why you are giving them “attention”. Really pissed me off. Hate to think how annoying it is for you. Constantly I see supposed “allies” say why is there no evidence of rape “joke”/threats on X’s timeline, they can’t see them so they must just be attention seeking. When in actual fact the accounts are suspended or Twitter didn’t index the tweets so they don’t show in search. Then when they are RT’d, which preserves them after suspension, you are giving them “attention” and not dealing with the trolls properly. Catch 22’s like that are very irritating. Not to mention the weird entitlement of telling other people how they should deal with harassers.

    In general if anyone wants to help save abusive tweets to Greta and others please send them to @TheBlockBot. A tweet to it with #storify +nym will save it in a storify for that user. So if they delete or are suspended there is a record of it that is not possible (Or easy, I can’t think how!) to fake, so even hyperskeptics cannot say they didn’t happen.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Would the authorities do anything about such direct threats of rape? Don’t they have a legal duty to do something about them? Have these been reported to relevant police depts?

    Surely sending threats like that has to be counted as a crime requiring law enforcement and legal sanction?

  4. Infophile says

    @6 StevoR: Sadly, usually not. They have a history of shrugging this off unless either:

    -It’s specific enough to be credible (“Ah, found your address is XXXX. Be coming by to rape you at YYYY.”) Which of course, is an impossible bar.
    -It’s from someone you already know in real life. In which case, the best you can hope for is a restraining order.
    -It becomes more hassle to ignore it than it would be to do something (As happened with David Mabus, when he began spamming the Montreal police’s twitter feed as well).

    So what should be done? Wish I knew. Calling attention to it so privilege-blinded people can see it (like this campaign is doing) sounds like a good idea to me, though.

  5. smhll says

    Urgh, awful asshole, hope he stays suspended. I must admit that scanning through your threads though that those popping up to ask, very *civilly*, why you are giving them “attention”.

    I assume she’s letting them make her point about virulent violent misogyny being a lot more real than our deniers admit it is.

    (But Blockbot is terrific. Being able to spawn new usernames seems to make Twitter super utilitarian for abusers / and for others who need to hide.)

  6. says

    What an asshole!

    I’m sure he’s out there someone complaining about how “you” got his account suspended on Twitter. Cause he’s such a waste as a human that he’ll never be able to accept that his actions are what he’s being held to account for.

    I wish that Twitter would also send out a message to everyone of his followers explaining why he got banned. People like that deserve a “doxxing” so that those around them can keep themselves safe. Anyone who would post something like that publicly is definitely a threat and should be treated like one.


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