Non-Believer Murdered — Let’s Help Her Kids

In April, Angelina was killed in a domestic violence murder/suicide. She was a non-believer, just beginning to get involved in public/ organized atheism. She was a friend of Mandisa Thomas (founder and current president of Black Nonbelievers, Inc., and member of Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta) and Bridgett ‘Bria’ Crutchfield (board member at Black Nonbelievers, Inc., president of Black Nonbelievers of Detroit, and founder of Minority Atheists of MI).

A college fund is being raised for her three children — Quantance, Robyn, and Jaden.

So I have a couple of questions for you. Question One: Do you think that one of the most important jobs for organized atheism is to build supportive communities, so people leaving religion won’t be alone and can get the kind of practical and emotional and social support they typically get from religion?

We have an opportunity here to do exactly that.

Question Two. Do you think atheists, and organized atheist communities, should do more about other social justice issues? Especially when they intersect with atheism/ religion issues — or when they intersect with our goal of building supportive atheist communities? When I was writing my recent series on why it isn’t “mission drift” for organized atheism to get involved with other social justice issues, and why it’s essential for us to do that if we’re going to be welcoming to a wider range of non-believers — were you either nodding and going, “Yes, absolutely, say it,” or “Oh, that’s a good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way”? Were you thinking, “That’s a really good idea — I’m going to look for opportunities to do exactly that”?

We have an opportunity here to do exactly that.

A member of our community has been murdered. She was a victim of domestic violence. And we have a lousy safety net in this country, which is going to make things even harder on her kids in this already terrible situation.

Please help Angelina’s kids. Even small amounts make a difference. I know a lot of people think “Oh, I can only donate five or ten dollars, that won’t help” — but it really does. It adds up, faster than you might think. You can also help by spreading the word: on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, blogs, word of mouth. Seriously: if all you do is donate five or ten bucks and Tweet or Facebook this, it would help enormously. (If you’re involved in a local organization or a student group, you could also do fundraising in your group.)

Angelina's kids

Domestic violence is a social justice issue. Underfunded education and the lousy safety net in our country is a social justice issue. And this isn’t just a social justice issue. This is about pitching in to create a community that supports each other in terrible times. Please help Angelina’s kids. Thanks.


  1. Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :) says

    I’ll keep this tab open for when I finally get my paycheck this month x.x

  2. fmcp says

    Thank you for posting this. It looks as though there has been a surge in donations since you did – I think the biggest challenge that atheists face in terms of supporting each other is not a lack of caring, but a lack of close ties. When we know we’re needed, we help.

  3. plainenglish says

    When harm comes to children, there is nothing more important to attend to in life, nothing more pressing or deserving. I am grateful for your sharing this, PZ, and I have given to the fund via Greta’s blog.

  4. embertine says

    Donated. Heart-breaking story, but good that the family have people who are caring for them.

  5. Socio-gen, something something... says

    Donated, with a matching donation to my local Rape and Abuse crisis center.

  6. barnestormer says

    Thank you for posting this. I only have a little money to give right now, but I’ll keep these kids in mind for when I have more.

  7. says

    I’ll donate, but lets not pretend that atheism has anything particular to say about this.

    After all, its not as if atheists don’t kill people too, and its simply a lack of belief.

    Whatever conclusions you draw about anything else have to be based on something else.

  8. says

    There is also a fundraiser to buy atheist t-shirts. It’s not too late to get one, the site is taking reservations, and just a few more and they’ll print additional shirts. There are women’s and men’s designs, with several different shirt styles and colors, and it’s an important cause, so you can look good and feel good, too! —

  9. says

    Oh, and in case that wasn’t clear, these t-shirts are another fundraiser to help Angie’s kids. I don’t want anyone to think I’m just posting an opportunistic ad for atheist shirts in general.


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