White Wine in the Sun

For the 5% of you who aren’t familiar with it, here is Tim Minchin’s lovely and touching atheist/ humanist Christmas song, “White Wine in the Sun.”

This is the animated version, which I just recently discovered and am very fond of. For those who celebrate it — have a happy Christmas! And for those who don’t — have a happy End of December!


  1. Lofty says

    Yep, that’s my fate, sunny and 34C for Xmas day, I’ll just have to bear it with a glass of local produce. Happy solstice back atcha.

  2. carlie says

    I can listen to that song a dozen times in a row and cry every time (yes, I know from experience). I think it’s a lot because I can’t be with my family at Christmas, on top of everything else about it. It’s simply beautiful.

  3. Al Dente says

    On Christmas day I’ll toast Tim Minchin with a glass of white wine while this song plays in the background (the Sun may be optional).

  4. says

    My day’s revision for my finals and “Indian Pizza” for a treat (it’s like a 2 mile hike to get it and back)

    I intend to eat it while watching Christmas cooking shows.

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