Godless Perverts Story Hour at Skepticon 6 – VIDEO!

If you weren’t lucky enough to go to Skepticon 6 — or if you were at Skepticon 6, but for some inexplicable reason you missed the Godless Perverts Story Hour that we held there — we have a treat for you. Thanks to Rob Lehr, videographer extraordinaire of Hambone Productions, the event was captured on video, and you can watch the whole thing right now! Well, if you’re at work, maybe not right now…

Organized by David Fitzgerald, Chris Hall (sadly in absentia at Skepticon), and me, the Godless Perverts Story Hour at Skepticon featured David Fitzgerald’s naughty naughty porn about an atheist’s seduction of two Mormon missionaries; Heina Dadabhoy’s sexy, thoughtful, funny piece about trying to reconcile her horniness with her now-vanished Muslim faith — and about Western men simultaneously fetishizing her and trying to rescue her; my own bad self reading my porn about a religiously guilty gay man hooking up anonymously in rest stops; Rebecca Watson’s uproarious memoir about her hookup with an ex-Mormom with some unusual ideas about sex; and the always-hilarious Keith Lowell Jensen’s weirdly sweet, weirdly unsettling stand-up comedy piece about (among other things) being a horny teenager at Christian camp. Enjoy!

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