Blog Break Cat Photos

I’m going into writer hibernation and taking a blog break through October 31, while I finish my next book, “Coming Out Atheist: How To Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why.”

In the meantime, here is a cat photo. Three, actually. You’ve all been really patient, so today you get a nice series of Houdini and Comet falling asleep and getting more and more snuggly. (I’ve pre-scheduled at least one cat photo for every day of my break, so you won’t be lonely.)

Houdini and Comet

Houdini and Comet

Houdini and Comet

Houdini and Comet!


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    I’m envious of your happy kitties sleeping in furry piles. One of mine decided some years ago that her sister had cooties or something, and started picking fights. They’re twelve now, and they’ve had the house divided into separate catdoms (except for the kitchen and the bathroom with the catbox) ever since.

    Anyway, they’re great pictures, and I’m really enjoying them.

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