Blog Break Cat Photo

I’m going into writer hibernation and taking a blog break through October 31, while I finish my next book, “Coming Out Atheist: How To Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why.”

In the meantime, here is a cat photo. I’ve pre-scheduled at least one cat photo for every day of my break, so you won’t be lonely.

Comet belly

Comet belly! With Houdini in the background.


  1. drmeow says

    It looks to me like both Houdini and Talisker are in the background – or is that a blanket?

  2. nurseingrid says

    John Phillips, they also spend large amounts of time racing around the house like maniacs, but that is much harder to photograph.

  3. John Phillips, FCD says

    nurseingrid, I’m only jealous, I just wish I could relax with the ease they can.

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