Even More Cat Pictures for the Secular Student Alliance!

As part of my leg of the Blogathon for SSA Week, I will post one new picture of our cats for every $100 raised! And all donations will be matched by SSA Supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss — so whatever you donate, it will be doubled!

As of 3:02 PDT: 436 Donors, $70,488.02
As of 5:07 pm PDT: 438 Donors, $71,693.02

We’ve raised over twelve hundred dollars in the last two hours for the Secular Student Alliance! So as promised, here are twelve more pictures of our cats. Our cats have a wonderful wide-eyed gaze: they are experts at the intense, thousand-yard stare. Here are some classic examples. Some below the fold.

Wide-eyed Comet

Wide-eyed Houdini

Team Tabby

Talisker and Houdini

Talisker and Houdini

Talisker on chair

Comet in sink

Houdini with Talisker in background

Houdini with Comet



All three cats

If you like these cat pictures, please donate to the Secular Student Alliance! Even a small donation makes a real difference. And more donations will get you more cat photos!


  1. Reera the Red says

    That first one is the “I’m about to pounce right at your face” expression.

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