Cat Blogging for American Atheists, 4/1: All Three Cats Together

I’m going to be in Austin for the American Atheists convention, March 27 through April 2, and probably won’t have time to do much blogging. And I realize I’ve been derelict of late with the cat photos. So for the next week or so, I’m posting pictures of our cats.

Here are some pictures of all three cats together.

Comet, Talisker, and Houdini

Comet, Talisker, and Houdini

Comet, Talisker, and Houdini

Comet, Talisker, and Houdini

We are so lucky to have cats that like each other. We hit the jackpot with these three.


  1. jackal says

    I had 3 cats growing up, and later I fostered kittens for the local animal shelter. I miss the kitty piles.

    OT: NPR featured a blog about fashionable women over 60. First thing I’ve seen in ages that made me feel ok about aging.

  2. catlover says

    Awwww….how sweet! I love that they sleep together so lovingly. (Such a soft, cuddly pile!) I look forward to many more cat photos.

  3. says

    This is a demand from the Cute Kitty Alliance. Do not attempt to trace this message. You’ll never find us.

    We demand more kitty photos. For every day that passes without a new kitty photo we will stomp our feet and shake our fists. If more than a week passes without a single kitty photo, we will be forced to hold our breath until you relent.
    You will never be able to evade our cutesy might. Do not attempt to run. We’ve got agents everywhere.

    Give us kitty pictures or feel our wrath!

  4. numenaster says

    Wish my five cohabited with a fraction of the calmness of your three. Newest cat has taken to bullying the Coalition of Black Cats (the 3 who hang out together on my bed all day), and is causing my rescued feral no end of stress-related hair loss. I’m at my wit’s end.

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