Ends Wednesday! Raise Money for Camp Quest/ Secular Student Alliance/ Foundation Beyond Belief – without spending a dime!

The fundraising contest ends Wednesday! Vote now! And if you’re on Reddit, upvote it! As of this writing, Camp Quest is very close to doubling their grant money from $10,000 to $20,000! And the SSA is just a little above the line for keeping their $50,000! So let’s make that free money happen!

And to those who don’t want to do this because they don’t like Facebook giving away their info: You can sign up for Facebook in less than a minute, not give them any info, vote, and never use that Facebook account again. You can also help by spreading the word on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media!

This is a guest post by Noelle George, Operations Manager, Foundation Beyond Belief and co-host of the Parenting Within Reason podcast, and by Kate Donovan, 2012 Fall Communications Intern, Foundation Beyond Belief and blogger at Teen Skepchick.

chase community giving

In between checking your email and the latest updates on your Facebook wall, can you spare a few clicks? Foundation Beyond Belief, Secular Student Alliance, and Camp Quest need your votes to earn up to $450,000 combined in the Chase Community Giving contest! They’re all 501(c)(3) non-profits, so a little money never hurt—and you know it’s not going to pay for increasing the size of their yacht fleets.

The Chase Community Giving program awards funding to charities based on votes from Facebook users and Chase customers, and there are lots of grants available.
The first place winner gets $250K, next 10 get $100K, the next 35 get $50K, and the next 50 get $20K.

As of September 10th, Day 5 of the contest, SSA has almost 900 votes, FBB has about 580, and Camp Quest has about 230. SSA was ranked 34th as of this morning (a $50K grant) but they have been slipping down since the start and will drop to only a $20K grant at 36th place if we don’t do something.

Right now the top ranked organization in the contest has 5500 votes total, and 11th place has about 1000 more votes than SSA collected. Oh, math! The point is, every single vote counts! We need every vote, and we need you to share this with your friends and get them to vote!

On Facebook, you can get two votes automatically that have to be used on different charities, and you can earn a third vote that can be doubled up or used on a third charity if you share a link on your wall and someone clicks on it. Here’s the Facebook event with all the voting links that you can use to RSVP and let your friends online know about the contest.

To go directly to the Chase giving pages on Facebook and vote, here are the links:

Vote for Camp Quest: Camp Quest provides an educational adventure for kids 8-17 years old that is shaped by fun, friends and freethought, featuring science, natural wonder and humanist values.

Vote for Secular Student Alliance: The Secular Student Alliance organizes, unites, educates, and serves students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics.

Vote for Foundation Beyond Belief : Foundation Beyond Belief provides a venue for humanists to put their values into actions by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life, and to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanist values such as generosity, compassion, mutual care and responsibility.

Chase customers get two additional votes in addition to the Facebook votes. That means one person can have up to 5 votes to spend on three or more charities.

Voting ends on Wednesday, September 19th. Please vote today, and help spread the word!

For more stories about this drive and these organizations, visit and follow, visit the Parenting Beyond Belief blog, the Foundation Beyond Belief blog, the Secular Student Alliance blog, and the Camp Quest blog. Another post appeared recently on Dale McGowan’s parenting website, Parenting Beyond Belief. You can also follow these groups on Twitter: @foundbb, @volunteersbb, @secularstudents, and @campquest.


  1. chakolate says

    I’ve already voted for those outfits, but I have to ask: what do you have against Wednesday? And is your enmity so strong that you wish to end Wednesday altogether?

  2. Greta Christina says

    I’ve already voted for those outfits, but I have to ask: what do you have against Wednesday? And is your enmity so strong that you wish to end Wednesday altogether?

    chakolate @ #1: D’oh! I meant to say “ends Wednesday.” Fixed now. Thanks!


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