Greta Interviewed by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor on Freethought Radio!

Freethought RadioI had the pleasure last week of being interviewed by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, for the Freedom of Religion Foundation’s radio/ podcast program, Freethought Radio. We talk about anger as a driving force for social change; the Santa Delusion and whether “religion makes people happy” is a good argument for religion; some of the best arguments against religion; and more. All in the context of discussing my new book, “Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things that Piss Off the Godless” (now available in audiobook, ebook, and print!).

On the same program, you can listen to Russian female punk band Pussy Riot protest the government in an Orthodox church, and hear Robert Ingersoll’s “Declaration of the Free” set to music.

It’s a good time. Dan and Annie Laurie are smart and charming, and we had a really fun and lively conversation. Check it out!


  1. starskeptic says

    Some say that an organization has finally arrived when it interviews Greta Christina – Congrats FFRF and Freethought Radio!

  2. says

    …for the Freedom of Religion Foundation’s radio/ podcast program…

    Shouldn’t that be the Freedom From Religion Foundation?

  3. Glenn Shaw says

    I listened to it yesterday. (I have the show in my Stitcher Radio feed so I don’t miss a podcast.) A very good interview, and it’s nice to hear a voice to go with the name and the face. :)

  4. ullrichfischer says

    Another awesome podcast from the heroes at FFRF.

    I bought a copy of “Why Are You Atheists So Angry” several months ago for my Kindle but co-incidentally just finished Brian Green’s “The Hidden Reality” yesterday. With all the podcasts I want to keep up with, I usually only read on-line or on the crapper. Unfortunately, I can only spend so much time on the latter.

    Anyway, the FreeThought Radio interview with Greta inspired me to move the book to the top of my reading list and I just finished the 99 reasons a few minutes ago. Thank you for those, Greta. You’ve expressed clearly and succinctly the top 99 problems I’ve had with religion and the religious since about age 10 when being bullied in Lutheran Sunday School led me question my (admittedly rather weak) faith at the time. So far the book lives up to an anagram of your first name: Great! :)

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