Caturday: All Three Kitties in Ridiculous Heap

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you kitty pictures… so here are two extra-nauseatingly-cute pics of all three of them, piled in a ridiculous heap.

I know, right? I love how Houdini’s head looks like a parasitic twin, jutting out from either Comet’s belly or the back of Talisker’s neck. It’s a wonder that Ingrid and I ever leave the house. These three are like some hideous force of cuteness, threatening to suck all of humanity into the sofa forever.


  1. DM says

    If this doesn’t cause you to go ‘Awwww…’ then there is something wrong with you.


  2. A 'Nym Too says

    Too cute. They look like a twelve-legged, three-headed, WMD. Weapon of Miaowing Distraction.

    Cannot… tear… eyes… away… HUMANKIND IS DOOMED! This is how it starts, not with a bang, but a whisker.

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