This is the title of a blog post asking you to help Chris Clarke

If you don’t know Chris Clarke of the Coyote Crossing blog, you should.

You may know him, even if you don’t think you know him. His hi-fucking-larious post, This is the title of a typical incendiary blog post, was all over the Internets for a while. (You have to read the comment thread.) And his recent post on misogyny almost made me cry, in the best possible way.

His Jeep just got stolen — for the second time in two weeks — and was totaled. He cannot afford this.

Hank Fox at Blue Collar Atheist is doing a fundraiser to help him out. Chip in if you can.


  1. Greta Christina says

    John: Just tested the link, and it’s working for me. It may just be slow.

  2. says

    Greta: I’m humbled. Thank you. You, and Hank and PZ and all your #FTBullies mob have made this week significantly less catastrophic.

    The incendiary post page was slow because I had the template set to show all six frillion comments in one page. Not a thing when my traffic’s at its usual non-squid-dotted levels, but obviously it mucked things up today. It should be faster now.

  3. ImaginesABeach says

    This is a comment indicating that the writer has complied with the request of the blogger.

  4. Chris Winter says

    I tend to agree with Nick Charles: Chris Clark’s metapost was moderately funny. But then I am a veteran of Orkut, where there was a Metaforum in which I participated for a while.

    (Orkut could almost be considered a metaservice — but it’s old news now, not much worth discussing.)

    BTW: This is a comment illogically asking Nick Charles if he has a wife named Nora, and a wire-haired terrier named Asta.


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