Greta Interviewed on “New Books in Secularism” Podcast, on “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?”

Why Are You Atheists So Angry? coverThere’s a cool podcast interview with me on the New Books in Secularism podcast, talking about my new book, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless.

In the interview, we talk about atheist anger — duh! — the positive uses (and the limitations) of anger in social change movements, the connection between atheist anger and atheist compassion, the source of morality without God, the magnificence of the atheist and materialist viewpoint, the unique harm caused by religion, the problem with progressive religion, why we have a moral obligation to care about the truth, why I decided to write the book in the first place, and more. Check it out! (Here’s a direct link to the MP3.)

And here’s ordering information for the book — currently available on Kindle, Nook, and assorted formats on Smashwords, and soon to be available in both physical print and audiobook. More announcements on that coming very soon. Woo-hoo!


  1. OurSally says

    OK, your link went to, but I am bound to I went there and they graciously let me buy a copy.
    Ther same is no doubt true for Amazon.everywhere-else-but-US

  2. says

    Ms. Christina,

    I just download your book and already love it. I’m only on page 27 but thought I should write you and tell you how happy I am to read this. Being in the U.S. Air Force and in Korea away from family I sometimes feel the need to communicate with like minded people. Your book is doing a good job of bringing me out of that isolation.

    Your frankness and openness is precisely what is required to project ourselves to the world. Too long have humans hidden behind lies and false claims. This book is already a great example of how we need to approach life; as it is, not as we want it to be.

  3. says

    Any ETA on the audiobook? I assume (hope) it’ll be available through I checked there a couple days ago and didn’t find you (except for a handful of things you’ve done with Susie Bright). Audio makes up most of my non-web “reading” these days, and I can’t wait to get my handsears on this book!

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