Interview with Greta Christina and Teresa McBain on Minnesota Public Radio

I did an interview yesterday on Minnesota Public Radio with Teresa McBain, the former minister who came out as an atheist at the recent American Atheists convention (the one that NPR did the story on). The interview is now available on the Internet, and you can listen to it and everything! We talk about coming out atheist, whether atheists tend to be people who took religion more seriously when they believed, atheist morality, how atheists deal with death, and more. Check it out!


  1. carlie says

    I’ve had the Living After Faith podcast for awhile with parts of that convention and an interview with her on it, and finally listened to it last week. She was really moving. I’m glad you got to interview her as well!

  2. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    So I’m guessing she didn’t try to convince you that Methodists are totally in favor of making decisions based on reality and human needs rather than faith and dogma….

  3. JBlilie says

    Greta: Great work, you were the star of the show. Thanks for standing up with such an eloquent voice. Well done!

    I missed a bit of the show but listened to the whole thing on podcast later in the day. I sent Kerri Miller a complimentary email as well, which she acknowledged.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Lydia says

    Wow – that was so powerful! so many thought provoking and salient points made by both of you. I agreed on the difficulty of grief and the celebration of commitment to truth. And both of you have such a positive and kind point of view… I was just so proud to be on the same side as you both. Thanks!

  5. Dean says

    I was born 1934 raised Methodist and believed there was a God until High School and was taught evolution as fact and I wandered away from faith until I was 20 and wandered in to a Southern Baptist Church in Las Vegas New Mexico and heard a real sermon by a real preacher and I trusted the Lord Jesus and He has not failed me the last 68 years. I keep up with the changing dogma of evolutionists but the truths of the Bible never change! I love athiests and know so many who now have faith!

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