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Apr 19 2012

Why Atheism Demands Social Justice

I’m going to go out on a limb here: being an atheist demands that we work for social justice. A lot of atheists will argue with this. They’ll say that atheism means one thing and one thing only: the lack of belief in any god. And in the most literal sense, they’re right. It’s different …

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Apr 19 2012

“Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” To Be Published By Pitchstone!

Excting book news! The print edition of Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless is going to be published by Pitchstone Publishing! It’s currently available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. The audio book will be published by Audible.com in about three months. I’d been planning to self-publish the print …

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Apr 17 2012

Podcast Interview on “This Is Really Happening”

“If you really want something to be true, that’s when you have to question it.” Back when the whole Rapture thing was happening, I did an interview with a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about it. That interview has now been turned into a podcast on the “This Is Really Happening” podcast program. …

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Apr 16 2012

Will Atheism Become Easier?

In the next generation or so, will it be easier to become an atheist? I don’t mean socially or politically easier. I’m not wondering whether there will eventually be less anti-atheist bigotry, discrimination, stigma, whether state and church will be better separated, etc. (That’s not what I’m thinking about today, anyway.) I’m wondering if it …

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Apr 12 2012

Greta Speaking in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco!

I have some speaking gigs coming up this month, in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco! If you’re going to be around, come check it out! (Although the Las Vegas talk, alas, is only open to UNLV students and faculty.) I pretty much always do Q&A after my talks, so if you have something …

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Apr 11 2012

Brief Blog Break, and Kitten Pics!


I’m going to be in New York from Wednesday 4/11 through Sunday 4/15. This is not a work trip — it’s the first actual non-family-gathering vacation that Ingrid and I have taken in I don’t know how long — and while I’ll be looking in on comments to make sure that they’re not blowing up, …

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Apr 09 2012

Prostitution Is Not Sex Slavery


Dammit to hell. I really, really didn’t want my first reply to something by Taslima Nasreen to be an argument. I have tremendous respect for the woman and her work, and I would have loved for my first piece on her work to be gushing and adoring. But I can’t let this go by without …

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Apr 09 2012

Greta Reading in San Francisco, Monday 4/9


UPDATE! The event starts at 7:30 pm, not 7:00 pm! If you’re in San Francisco tonight, Monday April 9, come hear me read! There’s a reading, discussion, and book signing about sex writing and culture, with the editors of Best Sex Writing 2012: The State of Today’s Sexual Culture, along with some of the contributors. …

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Apr 08 2012

Welcome Taslima Nasrin to Freethought Blogs!


Taslima Nasrin has joined the Freethought Blogs network! We are honored to have her blog, No Country for Women, in our company. Here’s her bio: Taslima Nasreen, an award-winning writer, physician, secular humanist and human rights activist, is known for her powerful writings on women oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and …

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Apr 06 2012

Fashion Friday: Atheist T-Shirts in Women’s Styles

Today in Fashion Friday, we have a double treat — a post about fashion, AND a post about inclusivity in the atheist movement! All in one! So I got this email the other day, from the organizers of Skepticon, asking for help promoting their advance T-shirt sales (help I duly provided). I took a look …

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