Can’t blog… writing book…

So I’ve decided, “Fuck it.” I’ve been wanting to write a book for years. My readers have been pestering me to write a book for years. And I bloody well want to have an atheist book out when the Reason Rally comes around.

So I’m going ahead and publishing it myself.

Get ready for “Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things that Piss Off the Godless,” to be published first as an e-book in the usual formats, and later as a physical book made out of paper and everything. I’m shooting for e-book publication no later than March 24.

To make this happen, I’m taking a semi-break from the blog for a bit. Hopefully just for another week or two, since the book is about 90% written already. (Although if Hofstadter’s Law holds true, it’s going to take longer than that. Of course, if Hofstadter’s Law holds true, then this, and every other task on Earth, will take an infinite amount of time and never get done.)

Thank you for your patience. We will return you to your regularly scheduled ranting as soon as possible.


  1. says

    Hooray! I’ll be preordering the e-book the instant it’s available and when the print book is ready, I’ll order it for my dad :)

  2. Rafiq Mahmood says

    Great. Can we have translation rights for the Seditious Press, please :-)

    First Indonesian…

  3. says

    I can offer this much from my recent (and brief) experience: Amazon gives better service to self-pub authors than Barnes & Noble, BUT, they’re also pushing the heck out of their new KDP Select program, and if you want your ebook to be available anywhere OTHER than Amazon, DON’T CHECK THAT BOX.

    Smashwords demands a lot from the writer in terms of file formatting, but once you’ve passed that hurdle, I find they’re very quick off the jump.

  4. says

    Yaaay :D This is double awesome, because I thought about donating to your blog, but now I can just wait until I have some more money and buy the ebook!

  5. Allison says

    Fantastic! I’ll miss the blogging, but a book? Can’t wait. I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available for (pre)order.

  6. Rrr says

    That’s a kill-ease: turtles all the way down.
    Djinn & tonic. Research a racecar?
    Read the Bachground. Write on.

    Beware of sinister monsters though — consult with ESR and that rifters guy Watts’isname concerning publication terms. You may want to look here and a bit on. Not all publishing contracts are created equal, apparently.

  7. yiab says

    Nitpick: Hofstadter’s law does not require an infinite amount of time for any task, since infinite series don’t always sum to infinity. For example, if you first thought it would take you a day, but when the day was up you thought you had half a day’s work left, when that was finished 6 hours’ work left, and so on, you’d still be finished in 2 days.

  8. Jason S says

    “Why are atheists so angry” is probably my favorite read among all the blogs, so a full book about it would have to be a must-read for me. It probably goes without saying, but I hope you present each item with recorded events, scripture with irrefutable meaning, documents – basically EVIDENCE to support the 99 reasons. I say this because you know the theists are going to try to create some kind of crap like “99 reasons why the atheists’ 99 reasons for being angry are wrong”.

  9. AnneS says

    *does a little dance*

    I guess I will start with the eBook version, since that’s where I do most of my reading these days. Although should we ever be on the same continent, I would love to have a dead tree edition for you to sign *g*.

  10. Jurjen S. says

    That’s a good reason to take a break from blogging. Good luck with it, and I look forward to reading it when it comes out!

  11. mandrellian says

    Great news!

    Might I suggest you subtitle it “I Got 99 Problems But A God Aint One”.

    All the best Greta – I’ll reserve a spot in my “Godless” kindle collection for you, right next to Hitch.

  12. says

    I fangirl squee’d when I read this. I personally don’t much like ebooks, but I’ll buy the fuck out of a dead tree version. Especially on this topic!

  13. machintelligence says

    Remember: the first 90% of the work takes 90% of the time, and the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time!

  14. says

    Glad to see this move, Greta. I have a special favorites title to go directly to your posting on this subject, and the full treatment of the subject should be awesome.

    We atheists have damn good reasons to be angry, especially when we see how this originally secular nation has been hoodwinked and pirated by the theocratic christofascists.

  15. says

    We’ll miss you here, but it’ll all be worth it when we get a concentrated dose of Greta later. Judging from your work here, you have what it takes to write something really good. Looking forward to it.

  16. says

    My birthday’s March 24. Hope your e-book comes out then so I can download it that very day. It would make a fantastic birthday gift to myself! All the best to you in completing the project on time and to your complete and utter satisfaction, Greta.

  17. says

    I think you could spare 10 minutes to respond to this:

    Why bother responding to the clinically insane?
    Sorry, but whoever wrote that it fucking nuts. It’s the most confused, self-contradictory and dishonest load of garbage I’ve read since the last creationist strolled by.

    Either that, or he* is pathologically unable to clearly express his opinion. If he actually means what he says in that post, he should be heavily medicated.

    Sorry if this goes a bit beyond the normal language of this blog, but there’s no other way to honestly express my reaction.

    *Or she? Not sure.

  18. says

    For some reason, the title made me think this:

    “If you’re havin’ God problems
    Then I feel for ya, son
    I got 99 problems
    But a God ain’t one.”

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