Don’t Believe Major Jonathan C. Dowty’s Lies — Rock Beyond Belief Is Happening!

Atheist-bashing coward Major Jonathan C. Dowty spreads RUMOR that Rock Beyond Belief may be cancelled.

This is total bullshit. Rock Beyond Belief is absolutely happening on March 31! It’s going to be awesome — with speakers and performers including Richard Dawkins, Words Such As Burn, Roy Zimmerman, Aiden, Hemant Mehta, Dan Barker, Margaret Downey, the US Army’s Professional Parachute Team doing a live demonstration jump (weather permitting), and more! The event is open to the public — no, it’s not just for the military — there’ll be child care, discounted hotel rooms… and it’s FREE! Fort Bragg, North Carolina at the Main Post Parade Field.

Chris Rodda has the story on This Week in Christian Nationalism. Don’t let this atheophobe con you. Make your plans today!


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