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Dec 15 2011

Atheists Are Mad About Bigotry — And They Aren’t Taking It Any More


This piece was originally published on AlterNet. Anti-atheist bigotry is real. And atheists will make your life miserable if you try it. If there are just two things you take away from this story, it should be these: 1) Anti-atheist bigotry and discrimination — of a completely overt, very ugly kind — is real. 2) …

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Dec 14 2011

“(X) Is Just Like A Religion” — No, It’s Not


“So-and-so is just like a religion. It inspires the same sort of blind trust. It encourages tribal loyalty and ‘us against them’ thinking. It places some individuals above others, in a position where their goodness and worth can’t be questioned. It asks people to hang on to ideas and beliefs that are flatly untrue. It’s …

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Dec 14 2011

Skeptic Awards 2011 – Nominations!

Skeptic Magazine is giving out awards celebrating skeptical activity in a number of different categories for 2011 — including best podcast; best blog; best event, campaign or outreach event of the year; best science video clip on the web; and best skeptical video clip on the web. They’re accepting nominations now. Go rock the vote! …

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Dec 13 2011

“Even the worst have their best”: Forbes’ Gene Marks, the 1%, and the Luxury of Second Chances


“The very best students, even at the worst schools, have more opportunities.” “Is this easy? No it’s not. It’s hard. It takes a special kind of kid to succeed. And to succeed even with these tools is much harder for a black kid from West Philadelphia than a white kid from the suburbs. But it’s …

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Dec 10 2011

Caturday: All Three Kittens Snuggling


I have a hypothesis about kittens and cuteness. Christina’s Theorem of Kitten Cuteness postulates that cuteness increases exponentially with the number of cats present. Thus, two kittens together aren’t twice as cute as one — they are four times as cute. And three kittens aren’t three times as cute as one — they are a …

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Dec 09 2011

The Sniper Fire of Kitten Cuteness


No time for a full photoset today, so instead I’m firing a single, well-aimed shot of lethal kitten cuteness: All three kittens, curled up together, with one yawning.Puny mortals, you are no match for the awesome power of the yawn!

Dec 09 2011

Bill Donohue and the Catholic League: You Will Be Assimilated… Er, Converted


“As an added bonus, they will no longer be looked upon as people who ‘believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are good for nothing.’” That’s Bill Donohue, of Catholic League fame. The “they” in question are atheists. And the special treat for which not being despised is a “bonus” is, of course, converting to …

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Dec 09 2011

Fashion Friday: Function, Form, and Frivolity


In clothing and grooming, is there a clear distinction between choices you make because they’re functional, and choices you make for reasons other than function? There was a recent debate here in my blog about fashion and clothing. KG was asserting that the choices he made about clothing and grooming were entirely based on practical …

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Dec 08 2011

The Kittens Have Landed!


This is what my blogging life is going to look like for a little while.The kittens are home! We got them from the fostering folks last night. The two little tabbies, Talisker and Comet — a.k.a. Team Tabby — started settling in almost right away. “Settling in” being defined in this case as tussling and …

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Dec 07 2011

What Does It Mean That God Is Good?


If God is good purely by definition… then what does “good” even mean? The other day, JT Eberhard posted a piece to his blog, What a Savior Looks Like, arguing that the Jesus character in the New Testament myth isn’t really much of a savior. It’s kind of a brilliant piece (although my idea of …

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