Dec 21 2011

A Very Special Christmas Song — No, Really

queen bohemian rhapsodyIs this the Yuletide?
It’s such a mystery
Will I be denied
Or will there be gifts for me?

Come down the stairs
Look under the tree and see…

And it’s time, once again, for my annual plug for my candidate for the Best Christmas Song Parody Evar: Christmas Rhapsody, Pledge Drive’s Christmas-themed parody of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” written by my friend Tim Walters and his friend Steve Rosenthal.

Alas, there’s no video. Which is a shame, since I think this thing has potential to go seriously viral some year if there were a good video to go with it. Interested videographers should contact Tim through his Website. In the meantime — enjoy the song!

And if you like that, Tim has even more holiday music on his site. My fave: Down in the Forest, described as “A dark and slightly confused Yuletide nightmare. It has something to do with the Fisher King. Maybe.” Have fun!


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  1. 1
    John Morales

    Most excellent!

  2. 2
    'Tis Himself

    That’s as good as my favorite Bohemian Rhapsody parody: Zero Wing Rhapsody.

  3. 3

    I still prefer “Fist Me This Christmas” by The Wetspots.

  4. 4

    Good fun. The reproduction of the Queen sound is worthy of Wierd Al himself.

  5. 5

    Genius! “Saint Nicolas has a lump of anthracite for me.” Also the “Dabu Doray” quote from “Grinch!”

  6. 6
    Tim Walters

    Thanks, Greta! FYI, I just posted this year’s song. Leonard Cohen is the parody target this time, so it’s a bit less epic, but hopefully still funny:


  7. 7

    Excellent, Tim.

    Thanks, Greta, for directing us to this well-done song.

  1. 8
    Christmas Rhapsody

    [...] Greta Christina thinks this song  is the “the Best Christmas Song Parody Ever” [...]

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